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Cold Sores

How do sore throats happen?


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March 21, 2012 4:41AM

Allergies- House dusts, dog or cat danders, and pollens are cause of sore throats

Irritation- Pollution or unhealthy air, a chronic stuffy nose, pollutants and chemicals, dry heat, and straining your voice can cause sore throats.

Reflux- Chemicals and acids in your stomach pushes back up to the throat, and causes you to wake up with a sore throat. That is the reason why people or teens should not eat hot Cheetos or any kind of junk food containing these.

Viruses- Viruses are the main reasons why sore throats have happened along with reluxes. Catching a cold or flu, eating spicy foods, and getting infected from a sick person can spread germs and viruses to people.

How do you prevent a sore throat?

  • Wash your hands with soap and gel often each day, especially when you go to eat food with your bare hands.

  • Avoid harmful chemical irritants. Burning of fossil fuels, smelling smoke, and toxic household chemicals are likely to irritate your throat.

  • Do not eat spicy foods, even if they taste good.

  • Clean your house in case there might be dust around.

  • Maintain a good hygiene.