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How do sound waves travel to a satellite?

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Sound waves require a medium to travel through, and, since space is a vacuum, sound waves can't travel in it.

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Where does sound waves travel?

sound waves can travel in air medium

What does sound travel on?

Waves; sound waves.

How do sound waves travel what do sound waves need in order to travel?

sound waves bounce off of walls. they need air to travel.

What can sound waves not travel in?

sound waves can't travel in a vacuum (space)

Why do sound waves travel in waves?

Because they are waves, and waves travel that way.

What waves travel faster sound or light?

Light waves travel faster than sound waves.

What causes sound waves to travel through air?

the vibration of the particles of medium of the sound waves causes the sound waves to travel

Sound waves cannot travel on the?

Sound waves cannot travel through vaccum.

How sound waves can travel only in the air?

Sound waves can travel through gases (air), liquids, and solids. Sound waves travel fastest through solids.

Can sound waves travel through clouds?

Yes, sound waves can travel through clouds.

Do radio waves need medium to travel?

no they do not, they can travel through vacuums and do not need particles to travel as sound waves do. radio waves are transverse waves whereas sound waves are not

What is one place sound waves cannot travel?

Sound waves cannot travel in space. Sound waves some medium in order to propagate.

Are sound waves matter?

`No sound waves are not matter .They can travel through matter but no sound waves are not matter

Do radio waves travel at the speed of sound?

Radio waves are sound. Therefore, yes, by definition, they travel at the speed of sound.

Are sound waves mechanical waves?

Mechanical waves are waves that require a medium in which to travel, i.e., a solid or fluid. As sound needs a medium to travel, sound is a mechanical wave.

Do sound waves or light waves travel faster?

In air, light waves travel about 871 thousand times faster than sound waves.

Sound waves of low or high intensity travel farther?

sound waves travel with a high intensity

Do sound waves travel at the speed of light?

No, sound waves travel much slower in the medium air.

Can sound waves travel in outer space?

Sound waves can travel in outer space. However, sound waves don't travel from earth to outer space. The distance is just too far.

Sound waves are a wave?

Yes, sound waves are pressure waves that travel through matter.

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