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How do symbiotic interactions impact digestion?

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There are symbiotic relationships between animals and bacteria in the digestive area. The animals give the bacteria a place to live and the bacteria help break down food. Digestion would be a lot more difficult without these symbiotic relationships.

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How do human interactions impact a ecosystem?

explain in short answer interactions between humans and natural ecosystems.

What organ of the digestive system contains bacteria?

What you are probably looking for is "Colon". It is loaded with symbiotic bacteria that produce vitamins and assist with digestion.

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Removing which organ would have the smallest impact on digestion absorption and elimination?


How are leeches and fish in the same relationship?

The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship. The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship. The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship. The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship.

What are some examples of competition in symbiotic interactions or relationships?

Within a symbiotic relationship, there is no competition because the organisms work together. A symbiotic relationship can make an organism a better competitor in an environment, if that's what you're asking about. A classic example of a symbiotic relationship is the rhododendron. There is a fungus which grows on the roots of the rhododendron bush, which secretes toxins into the soil which kill off nearby plants, including trees larger than the bush itself. This reduces competition for light, nutrients and space. This makes the rhododendron a seriously dangerous competitor in any environment, and it's all thanks to the symbiotic relationship with the fungus.

How do mountains impact interactions between peoples?

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What is the symbiotic relationship between termite and protozoa?

Mutualism. The termite naturally can not digest wood. So, they have protozoans in their stomach to aid their digestion of wood, and in exchange, protozoan's get a nice, warm place to live.

What are some symbiotic?

Question is ambiguous. Some symbiotic what?

What is the weasels symbiotic relationship?

what symbiotic realtion is the weasel

What is the difference of symbiotic and non symbiotic relationship?

a symbiotic relationship is one in which either one or both organisms require the relationship. In a non symbiotic relationship, neither require it.

What is the symbiotic relationship of parasitic plants?

Symbiosis means long-term interactions between different biological species.The symbiotic relationship may be categorized as mutualistic, commensal, or parasitic in nature.Some symbiotic relationships are obligate, meaning that both species depend entirely on each other for survival.Others are facultative, meaning that they can but do not have to live with the other organism.Symbiotic relationships include those associations in which one organism lives on another (ectosymbiosis, such as mistletoe), or where one partner lives inside the other (endosymbiosis, such as lactobacilli and other bacteria in humans or zooxanthelles in corals).

Do capuchin monkeys have symbiotic relationships?

no they do not have any symbiotic relationships

Do warthogs and meerkats have a symbiotic relationship?

They have a symbiotic relationship with insects.

Does the raccoon have a symbiotic relationship with the deer?

No, the raccoon does not have a symbiotic relationship.

What are the kind of symbiotic relationships do black widows have?

they have no symbiotic realships

What symbiotic relationships do chickens have?

Chickens are Symbiotic with your plant beds.

Symbiotic relationship with Gila monster?

There symbiotic relationship is they are homo

What is an example of a symbiotic relationship?

there is 3 types of symbiotic relationships. symbiotic relationships are relationships where at least one organism benefits.

What are the symbiotic relationships between animals and other animal?

'Symbiosis' literally means 'living together', and symbiotic organisms are those that live at least most of their lives with another. Most consider symbiosis to pertain only to non harmful interactions, where at least one of the organisms gains something from the interaction, be it shelter, food, increased possibility to reproduce, etc.

What are the kinds of symbiotic relationship?

the symbiotic of a relationship of a moth and sloth is parasitism.

What is the symbiotic relationship of dogs and fleas?

The symbiotic relationship is called parasitism.

Spider crab and algae is what symbiotic relationship?

The symbiotic relationship is mutualism

How a symbiotic relationship may involve?

how symbiotic relatonship may evolve