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The more teeth you have on the chainring(by the pedals) when compared to the sprocket(on the rear wheel, the more the rear wheel will turn for each turn of the cranks.

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Q: How do the number of gear teeth affect the wheel on a bicycle?
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How does the size of the gears in a gear train affect speed and force?

If the driving wheel has more number of teeth, and the driven wheel has less number of teeth then there will be a gain in SPEED .If the number of tooth in the driver is less in the driving wheel and there is more number of tooth in the driven wheel , there will be a gain in TORQUE.

How do you calculate a gear ratio on a bicycle?

Bicycle gears are measured in inches. The formula is 27 (Size of wheel.) divide by number of teeth on rear sprocket. Multiplied by the number of teeth on chainwheel. Example 27 divide by 18, times 50, equals 75.0 inch gear.

Describe two ways gravity can affect the movement of a wheel and axle in a bicycle?

it can affect the movement that pull the whell and the weight

What are examples of wheel and axel?

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Is a bicycle a wheel in axle or a gear?

A bicycle is both.

What types of wheel and axles are in a bicycle?

The wheel, and many other things a bicycle is a compound machine

What wheel and axles are in a bicycle?

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What is a bicycle tire?

A bicycle tire is a tire which fits on the wheel of a bicycle or similar vehicle.

What is the wheel that has teeth that fit to another wheel?

A wheel that has teeth that fit into the teeth of another wheel is called a gear.

When a bicycle have one wheel what is its name?

Unicycle = 1 wheel. Bicycle = 2 wheels. Tricycle = 3 wheels.

What is a bicycle fork?

A bicycle fork is the portion of a bicycle that holds the front wheel and allows the rider to steer and balance the bicycle.

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