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The volcanoes on Venus have thin, runny lava, when volcanoes on Mars have thicker lava and the volcanoes are much, much bigger.


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No. Earth (obviously) and Venus have volcanoes as well.

Venus has more volcanoes than Mars. In fact, Venus has the most volcanoes than any other planet. There were three active volcanoes found on Venus in 2010.

Yes. There are volcanoes on Venus and Mars as well as Jupiter's moon Io. None of the volcanoes on Venus and Mars are known to be active, though.

Earth, Venus and Mars all have volcanoes.

venus it has over 1,000,000 volcanos

Venus definitely have more volcanoes than Mars. Yes, Venus and Mars have pretty much all extinct and dormant volcanoes, but they're still volcanoes. Think of it like this: when someone dies or is in a coma, that doesn't mean they're not human. Yes I know that was dark deal with it :P

There are three planets in this solar system with volcanoes: Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Venus, Earth, and Mars are all planets with volcanoes.

There are three: Venus, Earth, and Mars.

There are more than one. They are Venus, Earth and Mars.

These are the solar system bodies that happen to have volcanoesEarth, Venus, Jupiter, mercury, and Mars. And Mars happens to have the largest volcano.

Venus, Earth, and Mars all have extinct volcanoes. Earth, however has active and dormant volcanoes as well.

Yes, there are volcanoes on Mars and Venus.There are also volcanoes on some moons. The largest volcano (Olympus Mons) in the solar system is on Mars.Io, Jupiter's moon, has the most number of active volcanoes.

The inner planets. Only Venus and Earth have active volcanoes (volcanoes that are erupting). Mercury and Mars have extinct (dead) volcanoes. Olympus Mons, the largest mountain/volcano in the Solar System, is found on Mars.

you can only find volcanoes on the inner planets: that are Venus, mercury and mars

Venus, Earth, and Mars are all known to have volcanoes. Volcanoes have also been seen on Io, one the the moons of Jupiter.

Venus, Earth, and Mars are all known to have volcanoes. Volcanoes have also been seen on Io, one the the moons of Jupiter.

Like Earth, Venus has volcanic mountains and other features that are probably made of thin, runny lava, on Venus the volcanos sometimes spew out sulfur into the atmosphere, although there is no proof Venus is volcanically active, scientists believe it most likely is. On Mars there are large shields of volcanoes similar to those on Venus and Earth,as well as cone-shaped volcanoes and lava flows, some of these volcaoes are significantly bigger than Earth's volcanoes, such as Olympus Mons, which is 3 times the size of Mount Everest, but none of these are volcanically active.

Yes, Mars and Venus both have volcanoes. Jupiter's moon, Io, has a number of volcanoes. It is believe that the eruptions on Io spew Sulfur.

There are three planets in the solar system with volcanoes: Venus, Earth, and Mars.

The planet Earth has the most active volcanoes.Mars had the largest volcano known in the solar systemVenus had the most volcanoes.Io a moon of Jupiter has the most active volcanoes in the Solar System, with over 400.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Earth has the most active volcanoes where as Mars has the biggest volcanoe in the universe but the planet which has the most volcanoes would be Venus.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A difficult question as it depends on whether you include active, inactive or dormant.Including all of them, then Venus, followed by Earth and then Mars.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Forgetting planets, then Io a moon of Jupiter is the most active volcanic body in our Solar System with over 400 known active volcanoes.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Very easy answer . . . Venus has perhaps up to a million volcanoes. For sure it has more than 100,000 volcanoes - we cannot yet tell how many of these are active, or temporarily dormant.

Yes - in fact Mars has some of the biggest mountain volcanoes in the world! And to my knowledge, there are mountains on the moon as well. Venus has some volcanoes, of course!

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