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Giant Pandas are endangered primarily from habitat loss and from the fact that they have a very low birthrate. China has put increasing pressure on their habitat in the last century from population growth and land use changes. Also, they have traditionally been poached, primarily for their fur and skin.

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What is the endanger animals?

gaint panda

What kind of panda are endanger?

all redpandas are going extint

Why did the red panda become endanger?

because people destroyed there habitat and are hunting them to much

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I want to know about panda. Are they endanger or extinct? Can I know some important facts about pandas life? I have many questions about it give me answer please. Question1.

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Pandas are considered as an endanger species because people are destroying their homes by logging, building roads and cities and farmlands. The general reason is because of habitat destruction.

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How do you say gaint panda in french?

giant panda - panda géant? huge panda - panda énorme large panda - grand panda

What is a name for a female giant panda a male giant panda and a baby giant panda?

female giant panda=female giant panda male giant panda=male giant panda baby giant panda=baby giant panda x

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Yes. The red panda is the smallest panda.

Are pandas endanger?


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