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never break up a relationship because karma will have it happen to you, wait for them to break up and then make your move on the guy....it will happen eventually...

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What do you do when you like a guy and he is being nice to you but he already has a girlfriend?

Respect that he is already in a relationship. If he is worth anything, he would break things off with the other person before getting involved with someone else.

What kind of a person goes out with another guy?

As phrased, the question is somewhat ambiguous. What kind of guy goes out with another guy? A gay guy. What kind of woman who already has a boyfriend (presumably you) goes out with another guy? Probably a woman who does not have the same degree of committment to your relationship that you do.

How do you found out if your guy friend has a girlfriend without sounding suspicious?

thats easy first check his relationship status on facebook!

How many people are a part of the A team in Pretty Little Liars?

My opinon is that in the A team there has to be a guy and that guy is Ezra.. Thats one person I know.

How do you stop dreaming about a guy when you're already in a relationship?

You distract you're self by thinking about the guy you're dating. If you think you like that guy, you should ask him out and dump the other guy. :)

How can Flirting be discouraged?

When one has a relationship already, it is frowned upon to flirt with that said person.If you want to dicourage a guy to flirt with you, well, you can1. get into a relationship2. ignore him3. tell him you aren't even interestedI wish you luck!SAXY

How do you tell a guy you like him when you already have a boyfriend?

For all parties interested, if you want to tell another person that you like them while in a relationship, just dump the other guy. It is not fair to do anything but that. It is also a lot easier all round when telling the new guy, when you are actually available

If you like the guy and already has a girl?

Wait for them to break up or move on. Don't interfere with their relationship though.

How do you make a guy like you if he already has a girlfriend?

FLIRT WITH HIM! And, when he talks about flaws in their relationship, show him that you would be better off with him then she is.

What does it mean if a guy says you need to talk?

if you two are already in a relationship, it usuall means ur over. If u aren't in a relationship, it means he wants to start one.

When a guy says he cant commit?

He is not ready for a monogomous relationship (dating 1 person only)

What should you do if the guy you really love doesn't love you back?

Well, a person could start out with knowing the person a lot more and starting out with a friend relationship to help the relationship in the future (if it lead to that) and then from there let the relationship prosper in a sense of the person growing those feelings.

Why would a guy not talk to a girl he fancied even though he is confident?

well there are many situations. A) she is already in a relationship B) he is playing hard-to-get C) he already knows that the girl is not into him

What do you do when a guy asks you out but he likes another girl and you?

GO out with him unless he is already dating the other person

How do you ask a guy if he likes this person or this person without asking it to his face?

Thats hard, but who cares.Give him a note, tell a friend to, etc. Anything that lets him know what your asking.

What does it mean if a guy wants to be friends before having a relationship?

It means he's testing the waters--seeing if you're the kind of person he wants to be in a relationship with.

What do you do if you like a guy who already has a girlfriend?

You tell them how feel about them anyways and maybe the feeling is mutual and yall could start a new relationship

Should a girl give the guy they like who also has a girl already a poem?

Yes, there isn't in problem for doing-so but don't lead him on. There shouldn't be a person who intervenes with another's relationship because he or she likes another person, it's a bad thing to do and causes a lot of drama.

Who will ask you out?

The hottest guy in the world thats who

How do i deal with a guy who keeps harassing me because he says i love him when i already said and says that i don't love him and i will not love him?

Girl this problem is faced by so many people around the word, tell the guy that love is a feeling which can be shared but not imposed. A loveless relationship is a dead relationship. Be with the guy you really love.

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