Thorny Devils (lizard)

How do thorny devils conserve their water?

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Thorny devils' spikes are sharp.

Thorny devils are not harmful. Although they are equipped with sharp spikes, these are for protection and for channelling water to their mouth, rather than to cause harm.

Thorny devils average less than 20cm in length.

Thorny devils can be good pets. It really depends on who you are.

The thorny devils predators are humans and Bustard. Bustard is a type of bird. So there is your answer..

Thorny devils have spikes to help direct condensation down towards their mouths. The spikes channel the water into little grooves which then lead directly to the reptile's mouth.

Yes. Thorny devils have small, sharp teeth to enable them to chew stuff

No: for one, simple reason. Vultures and thorny devils do not inhabit the same continent. Thorny devils are unique to Australia, where there are no vultures.

No Thorny devils cannot climb cactuses. Incidentally, cacti are not even native to Australia, which is the natural environment of the thorny devil.

Thorny devils need water daily, but they do not need very much. They can only go for a couple of days without water.

Thorny devils are essentially varying patchy shades of brown and gold, which enables them to blend in with their desert surroundings. Newly hatched baby thorny devils tend towards black in colour.

What animals are enemies to the thorny devil

Thorny devils are not mammals: they do not have nipples.

Thorny devils occur in Australia.

how does an thorny devil adapt to its envierment

Thorny devils feed primarily on ants. They simply collect the ants with their sticky tongue.

they are not dangerous

thorny devils are not herbivores because they eat ants, which makes them carnivores. if you dont belive me click on google images and type in thorny devils eating an you might see on eating ants or other insects

They don't.Thorny devils lay their eggs in chambers in a burrow which is about 30cm deep. After this, they have no further parental involvement. Once the young thorny devils hatch, they are able to begin eating ants immediately.

No. Thorny devils feed exclusively on ants. They prefer small, black ants of the Iridomyrmex flavipes species.

No. Thorny devils live exclusively on ants. It prefers small, black ants of the Iridomyrmex flavipes species.

During the night, thorny devils rest in shallow burrows they dig just under the surface of e soil. This helps to conserve their warmth. During the day, they may rest under low growing shrubs.

Well they wouldn't be called HORNY devils if they weren't.....

Thorny Devils can live up to 20 years.

Thorny devils are reptiles - specifically lizards.

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