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In very simplistic terms, as the moon passes over the earth the moon's gravity, pulls on the Earth below. The moon's gravity is too weak to move anything solid and small, but when the Moon's small amount of gravity is exercised over a large area such as an ocean, then, as the water moves easily, the moon's gravity has a noticeable effect. So, as the moon pulls on the surface of the ocean, it moves that bit of the surface of the ocean, slightly closer to the moon. This causes a rise in the level of the ocean at that point, which means that along the shoreline, the water recedes (you can test this with a bucket full of water in a basin full of water. If you raise up the bucket of water as if the water in the bucket was being pulled up by the moon, you will see the water level in the basin will drop i.e. the tide goes out). Once the moon passes the ocean, the water drops back down again and so the tide along the shoreline floods back in. If there is no gently sloping beach where we can see the tide slowly going out, then coming back in again and we are instead watching from say a walled harbour, all we will see is that the tide goes down low, then rises high up the harbour wall. Hope this helps - KENN JOYCE

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Why do the tides of the ocean rise and fall?

The tides rise and fall because of the moon.

Is the size of all high tides the same?

Tides are the rise and fall of the sea level caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. The heights of tides vary from seasons to seasons. So no, they are not all the same.

What are the difference between high and low tides?

because the high tides are tides that you you can like go into and the high tides make an arch so you can go in them. The low tides cant push you down and the are like you getting splashed by someone.

How many tides are there a day?

There are 2 cycles. Each has a high tide and low tide. So, there are 2 high tides and 2 low tides. That is a tide of 4 tides.

What is an area where rivers rise and fall with ocean tides?

an area where rivers rise and fall with ocean tides

What are 2 types of tides?

High tides, low tides, spring tides (which are maximum high tides) and neap tides (which are the lowest of low tides).

How long does it take for tides to rise and fall?

It takes about 24 hours and 50 minutes for tides to complete a cycle. The highest tides are 12 hours and 25 minute apart. The low tides will come at 6 hours and 12 minutes, separating the the high tides.

How many high tides occur in one day?

Nromally 2 tides, so 2 high and 2 low is usual.

What is high-tide?

Ocean tides rise and fall on a 12 or 13 hour cycle. High tide is the highest point of the tide.

How does sea level rise?

Sea levels rise with the tides.

What are the most noticeable effects of the moon's gravitational pull?

The most noticeable effect of the moon's gravitational pull on the earth are the tides, which rise and fall two times a day each. The tides will rise to their highest point (i.e. high tide) roughly every 12 hours apart and drop to their lowest point (i.e. low tide) every 12 hours apart. In a given 24-hour day, the tides will rise to its highest point, fall to its lowest point, and rise to its highest point in a 12 hour period, which is why there are 2 high tides per day and 2 low tides per day.

What are the dangers of high tides and low tides?


What are the impacts of sea level rise?

there are many impacts as flooding on the banks, also can cause destruction at a higher level. rise in length of the high tides etc.

How often do rise of tides occur?

2 times a day. One high tide and one low tide.

These occur when high tides are highest and low tides are lowest?

High and low tides

Tides that are especially high and low?

Tides that are especially high and low: spring tides.

What is the term for the regular rise and fall of the water level in the ocean caused by gravitational attraction of the sun and moon?

Tides, sometimes called lunar tides.You can havehigh tideslow tidesspring tidesneap tidesProxigean spring tidesFor more information see the link belowThe Tidal Range, the gravitational effect of the moon on the oceans.

When do low tides and high tides happen?

High tides and low tides generally occur in 13 hour cycles.

How do you get high tides and low tides?

high tides and low tides are formed due to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.

How many high tides in a week?

There are 14 high tides.

What phases of the moon bring the lowest tides?

Since the tides are twice a day (actually, just a little faster than that), Full and New Moons bring BOTH high and low tides. This is because the Moon at these times pulls WITH the Sun instead of at an angle to it. Such very high (and very low) tides are called "spring" tides (nothing to do with the time of year) and those not-so-high and not-so-low tides at the times of Quarter Moon are called "neap" tides.

What influeces ocean tides what caused them to happen?

Tides are caused by gravity.When the moon and sun line up,you get high high tides and low low tides.When they are at right angles,you get low high tides and high low tides.

What is the difference between the high tides and low tides?

High tides go higher up the beach than low tides

How are spring tides different from high tides?

Spring tides are the greatest difference between high and low tides. A high tide is when the water reaches its highest level.

What is the term for the daily rise and fall of the ocean waters?

Tides- there is high tide or low tide and it changes throughout the day.