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How do tiger move?

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  1. with thare nervs in thare brain that tell the tiger what to do hope i helped or not
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How do you escape from a tiger?

You escape from a tiger is by don't move because if you move then tiger can caught up and even eat , that's dangerous to think about it.

Why does a tiger move the way they move?

figure it out ur self

How does the Siberian tiger move?

it crawls

How does the White Tiger Move?

with its wings!

How do tiger snakes move?

they slither about

How does the sumatran tiger move?


Why does a white tiger move?

Because it is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does a tiger shark move around?

it swims

How do Sand tiger shark move?

My dad

Does a tiger have a back bone and why?

A tiger has a backbone, it is a vertebrate. It needs a backbone to move and run efficiently.

How does a tiger beetle move?

Tiger beetles both run and fly. If motivated, as by food, they also can burrow.

How does a tiger move from place to place?

A tiger moves from place to place by using it's 4 legs

How tiger move?

Tiger moves just like lion and cat by using its n\muscles and legs.

How does a tiger quoll move?

Tiger quolls use all four limbs for walking, running and climbing.

What helps a tiger to move in the dark?

hes eyes

What is the ross tiger?

the ross tiger is a old trawler ship that belongs to the grimsby fishing heretage centre it does not move

How does the tiger move?

It puts one foot in front of the other

When did Tiger Woods move to Florida?

He moved to Florida in 1996.

How does a white tiger move?

Slower than the other tigers.

How does the white tiger move from place to place?

They walk or run.

How long does a white tiger move?

well white tigers are for losers so they move for as long as they want!

How did the saber-toothed tiger move around?

its feet and its claws

How does the white bengel tiger move or sense things?

the same way you do..

What parts does the tiger shark use to move?

its uses undulating with its tail

How do Tiger Sharks move?

They use there tail to go faster and fins to steer

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