How do tigers hunt?

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All tigers will fail to capture their prey if they don't succeed

in coming into a distance of the prey of no less than approximately

30-40 feet (10-12 meters). The hunt starts when the Tiger suddenly

explodes in its movement attacking the prey. The hunt is always

very short

Tigers are solitary hunters, which means that they usually hunt

alone rather then in packs, unless the case is with a mother and

her cubs, in which then they would hunt together in order to teach

her cubs how to survive and catch their prey. They are also prone

to hunting at night rather then day.

Tigers use their great weigh, mass and strength to their

advantage while hunting. Typically they will hide wherever they can

when they notice suitable prey nearby, the element of surprise is a

big part of a tigers hunting technique. When the prey is close

enough, they will use their mass and strength in an attempt to keep

it off balance, and will generally bite into the preys neck without

letting go until it dies of strangulation. If the prey is rather

small they tend to bite into the back of its neck rather then the

side or front, until it dies of a broken spinal code, pierced

windpipe or broken jugular vein.

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