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este lapisero questa mucho pero este lapisero es mas barato.

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Q: How do tou say spanish this pen is expensive but that pen is cheap?
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How do you say ballpoint pen in Spanish?

Ballpoint pen in Spanish is : bolígrafo or boli (Pronounced bow-lee) with the accent on the bow.

How do you say Ball point pen in spanish?


What is el biligrafo?

It's how you say "pen" in spanish

How do you say the word reward in spanish?

recompensa. Pronounced "ray-comb-pen-suh." Accent on the "pen."

How do you sayThat is very cheap or expensive in Maasai language?

You say "That is very cheap/expensive!" in Maasai language of the African origin as "Egol/Elelek".

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How can you how do you say cheap in Spanish?

Cheap in Spanish is barato if you are describing a masculine noun and barata if you are describing a feminine noun.

How do you say cheap in spanish?

estos barrato

How do you say my sister have a pretty pen in spanish?

Mi hermana tienes un boli bonito

What is the best website for cheap electric guitars?

I would have to say It has some expensive guitars on there, but then again, a lot of them are really cheap.

How do you say it's too expensive in spanish?

Es muy caro.

What is the trick behind the pen riddle where someone holds a pen different ways and says 'if this is a pen and this is a pen and this is a pen' then is this a pen?

You have to LISTEN carefully. When they say ''If this is a pen, is this a pen", say yes. When they say "Is this a pen?", say no. Then they are going to ask, "But if this is a pen is this a pen?", then you say yes. The 'trick' is that you have to LISTEN carefully. 'If' is the key word.