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They use their horns

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If you breed two unicorns together will the foal also be a unicorn?

Unicorns are creatures of fantasy. How unicorns are made or born depends on the work of fiction they are in. In most writings though, it seems they reproduce as real animals do so in those cases, yes.

What do you call a flock of unicorns?

A group of unicorns is called a blessing of unicorns.

What is group of unicorns called?

As there is no such thing as unicorns there is no word for a group of unicorns is nathan

Which is better quadricorns or unicorns?


Where did puppy chow the dessert get its name?

unicorns and rainbows unicorns and rainbowsunicorns and rainbows

Are unicorns horses?

Unicorns are their own speices. Horses resemble unicorns but unicorns are very different. One main difference is they have a horn on their head.

Do unicorns like bacon?

No unicorns are herbivores

What do you think of unicorns?

unicorns are my life . <3

Are there unicorns in England?

There aren't unicorns anywhere.

Do pineapples taste bad?

Unicorns unicorns

Why did the unicorns and lions fight?

Unicorns are mythological.

When did The Unicorns end?

The Unicorns ended in 2004.

How did unicorns became alive?

Unicorns do not exist.

Where do you find unicorns?

Nowhere. Unicorns do not exist.

What habitat did unicorns live in?

unicorns are not real.....

Dude is it me or are there unicorns flying around being all majestic and what not?

Unicorns do not have wings. Unicorns do not fly.

Are unicorns purple?

No, unicorns are white with yellow manes. On some occasions, yes, unicorns are purple, like the medieval ball they have in June. Unicorns are not real.

What is a group of unicorns known as?

A group of unicorns goes by the name of a blessing. So it would be a blessing of unicorns.

Are unicorns real-?

No, unicorns are not real animals. They are just fictional.

When did unicorns exist?

They didn't. Unicorns are fables and fiction

What are giant unicorns?

u.o.u.s. - unicorns of unusual size

How do you lick unicorns?

you know unicorns don't exist

Is there a drawing of the ark leaving without the unicorns?

No there were no unicorns.

Are unicorns cool?

Only if the unicorns name is Charlie.

How do unicorns eat their babies?

Unicorns do not exist. Sorry...

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