How do vampires form weapons with their blood?

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well non of the vampires i no about do but it would be very interesting if they did. do you mind if i steal that idea?
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Why do vampires drink blood?

Vampires are undead creatures. They dont have their own blood flow, so they leech off others. Look up vampirism.

Do vampires have blood?

Yes although it might not be the nice scarlet fluid you're familiar with. A vampire is a dead body and its blood is in a similar sorry state. Just because a vampire eats blood doesn't mean it doesn't already have some. A vampire need life-energy not blood. The fact that, for some vampires, the life- ( Full Answer )

Why do vampires need blood?

they need blood to sustain their undead bodies a.ka. they need it to stay alive Only a minority of vampires are blood suckers. The defining trait of a vampire is something that steal life energy. This has been accomplished in many difference ways by many different types of creatures. ........ ( Full Answer )

How does a vampire suck blood?

Vampires are mythological creatures and, as such, do not exist. Vampire Bats, however, do exist. They don't suck blood, though; they make a small incision with their teeth and then simply lap it up. For more information about Vampire Bats, please see the Related Link below.

How do vampires suck blood?

1. they lure you into their evil lairs. 2. they wait until you fall asleep. 3. then, they cut your neck with a switchblade and collect it in a glass container. 4. and they finally drink it

What kind of vampire slayer weapons are there?

a slayer is meant to be able to use everyday items to fight off the creatures of darkness.. like breaking a chair leg to get a stake or using a kitchen knife to behead a vampire.

Why does vampires and vampire bats feed on blood?

The Vampire Bat feeds on blood because its a nutritious meal.No great mystery there. The mosquito, the tick and the leech findblood a nice snack too. . A particular subset of vampires feed on blood to get at 'thelife force' they need to perpetuate their existence. As the biblesays 'In the blood is ( Full Answer )

How are vampires formed?

when a vampire bites you, . if you kill yourself, . if you give up your life for someone, A vampires are formed. proved

What weapons are used against vampires?

Usally a garlic necklace, none other that I can think of.. -I hope this helped!. -Peter. Peter is somewhat right. there are others though: Daggers, mirors reflecting light, etc. if you r looking to kill a vamp then u take a dagger through their heart and cut their head off. Bury the head separatl ( Full Answer )

What are the weapons to kill vampires?

Umm vampires are just people with an energy deficiency, so really you could kill them the same way you could kill a human being. and if you are a slayer GET A LIFE MAN!! EVERYBODY DIES IF THEY GET STABBED IN THE HEART!

Do vampire suck your blood or do they lick your blood?

Bats bite then lick the blood of cows and the like. Leeches attach themselves and suck on the surface until blood comes out. Vampires in the movies have fangs that supposedly drawn blood like a syringe would.

Do vampires carry any weapons?

Yes. As a matter of fact, fangs are not standard equipment on becoming a vampire. A vampire is a reanimated corpse Period. Fangs were made popular when Count Dracula came along and he (as we all know) was also a high level sorcerer in addition to being a vampire and could change his form in many di ( Full Answer )

Why do the vampires sack blood?

I am assuming you mean "suck" blood. The vampire, in mythology, had a craving for it. In todays modern society those claiming to be or exhibiting vampire like behaviors drink it (it is widely believed and accepted) because of an unusual deficiency in the blood. Many are anemic, or something similar, ( Full Answer )

Why do vampire bats crave for blood?

It is not vmapire bat like the mythical creature vampire. They are related in no way. Ask yourself why do i crave _______? there would be your anwser. (fill the line in with something you crave) Because it's their source of food?

Do vampires drink blood for proteins?

Vampires, for some reason or another, cannot create enough energy for themselves. So they get it from other sources. Sanguinarian--blood drinker--vampires, get their energy from blood. Not nescessarily protein; this is mostly foudn in meat but can be in other things. Blood is a slightly alkaline sub ( Full Answer )

How do vampires suck peoples blood?

Vampires are legendary creatures and do not exist in the real world. Vampire BATS, however, are smaller than a teacup and their only diet is blood. Their usual victims are sleeping cattle and horses. Vampire bats do not "suck" blood from their victims but, after puncturing the skin, actually lap up ( Full Answer )

How do the vampire get blood?

That is just a myth vampires don't need blood to keep immortality. The only reason people think that is because of Vlad Tempish or better known as Dracula after he died. He loved watching people getting impaled which earned him the name Vlad The Impaler then he was believed to become Count Dracula a ( Full Answer )

Can you exchange blood with a vampire?

In vampire myths and stories, to drink the blood of the vampire is usually to be infected by him. For example: this takes place in "Dracula" when Dracula forces Mina to drink blood from a wound he makes in his chest, and in Interview With A Vampire when Lestat allows Louis and Claudia to drink his b ( Full Answer )

Are blood elves vampires?

No, blood elves are not vampires, in fact they are not even elves but a particular type of goblin.

What happens if a vampire drink your blood?

you turn into a vampire Their insatiable hunger is satisfied for a time and they becomeless cranky, quite sociable and amenable for a while. I quite likevampires after they have been well fed. . +++ . Very amusing! The horror-flick type of vampire does not exist ofcourse, but if you think about i ( Full Answer )

Where can you get vampire blood?

there are no such thing as vampires, but in mythology from cutting a vampire with a silver blade or poisoning its food for regurgitation affects or that of letting a bat bite you and harness your blood ( you won't become a vampire but may become very sick or die). WARNING : Bats carry rabies, ar ( Full Answer )

Why vampire like the blood of people?

vampires like the blood of people bcoz it smells in the case of Edward Cullen in twilight is attracted to Bella's scent...

How do vampire drink blood?

saun ra kau uy ! gkan sa ilang lungag, manglupad na sila. they used their hearing to catch their prey, dn once ilang ma dakpan, ila dayun kin-iton sa ilang ha-it nga mga ngipon. ! jejeje The vampire bat will use a small gland which can sense heat/blood under the skin of it's prey. ( Full Answer )

Why does vampires suck human blood?

The primary reason is to steal life-force. For most vampires this is the only way, but for others there are different ways of doing so.

What do vampires drink apart from blood?

It has only ever been known that vampires drink blood. There doesn't appear to be any specific kind of blood which they can live off, though the most common kind of blood human vampires seek is the blood of humans, although there are some exceptions when reading more contemporary literature such as ( Full Answer )

How vampire are formed?

Well when a Mommy vamp and a Daddy vamp REALLY like each other, the daddy vamp gets REALLY excited and eats the mommy, and that's how you were formed. the end.

Where can you buy vampire bats blood?

first of all there is such thing as a vampire bat though they do not usually drink people blood they mostly drink animals blood. i don't really know but try to find it on google.

Are pure blood vampires evil?

Vampires are but a myth in the same league as Superman and Batman. They are fictitious characters made famous in books and on film. Though some foolish fraternities will in fact kill and drink human blood they are not vampires. They are thankfully few and far between.

How do you get the blood of a vampire?

answer a: you can't, vampires are not real only vampire bats are. I'm not quite sure how to get the blood from a vampire bat. Did that answer your question? answer b: First, you have to decide what kind of vampire you're thinking of. Someone real, flesh and blood, or a character in a story? If i ( Full Answer )

Why do vampires like to drink blood?

Well... vampires need blood to sustain their undead bodies (they need it to stay alive) Only a small amount of vampires are blood suckers. The defining trait of a vampire is something that "steals" life energy.

Do vampires have any weapons?

only two of there teeth p.s. two of the teeth are long so if they bit you you will be a Vampire p.s.two. i am a Vampire

How does the Vampire bat accquire blood?

They bite an opening into the skin of their prey and lap up (they do not suck) the blood that flows out. Also, their saliva keeps the blood from coagulating, so the blood flows longer.

How can vampire smell blood?

With their noses. But seriously, in many stories vampires have enhanced senses, such as sight, hearing, and smelling.

Why do vampires want human blood?

I'm sorry, but vampires' do not exist...and according to books' and fairy tales', vampires' crave human blood because it's all they eat.

Do vampires drink period blood?

No vampires do not drink menstruate blood. It is not the same asthe blood that runs through a vein. In the movie Dracula by Andy Warhol, this particular means ofdrinking blood was attempted, although it wasn't exactly menstrualblood but virginal hymen blood. The plot line wasn't followed longenough ( Full Answer )

Why do vampires involve blood?

Blood is food for Vampire bats. Authors have written that fictional vampires need blood to survive but they are just fantasy stories.

What is the blood in The Vampire Diaries made of?

The actual blood from the Vampire Diaries television show isunknown. However, many television series that use stage blood makeit from chocolate syrup or corn syrup with red dye.

Do you have to draw blood to become a vampire?

Yes. Vampires are mythical creatures that need blood to sustain themselves. To become a vampire you classically have to survive a vampire attack where a vampire has drawn blood. In real life it is impossible to become a vampire. The existence of human vampires is only a legend !

Are you a vampire do you drink blood?

I am, and yes but I don't need much and it's not like I need it to survive. There are other vampires in the world who do and others who just take energy from people on the street.