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They use math to figure out how much medications to give an animal.

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Q: How do vet tech's use math?
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Related questions

Are vet techs ever 40 years old or are most vet techs younger?

There are MANY Vet Techs who are 40+.

Do surg techs use math?

yes, simple math. you have to count your sutures,sponges, and sometimes your surgical instruments.

What is the purpose of the job vet tech?

Vet techs are essentially what nurses are for medical doctors. You assist the vet and perform some basic duties on your own. Overall, vet techs work to improve the quality of life of their animal patients and their owners.

Can vet techs perform euthanasia?

Yes under the supervision and approval of a vet

How does a vet use math in their job?

they use math by counting doses, and they also used fractions, decimals, and basic arithmatic.

How many veterinary assistants needed for small veterinary practice?

techs or assistants? they are different- techs are like nurses, assistants are like janitors. techs, one per vet maybe two if the practice is busy. assistants is however many they decide to need, because they aren't associated with the vet they just clean.

What is a vet techs monthly pay?

Assuming a base salary of $28,000/year for vet techs just starting their career, monthly gross pay would be approximately $2300. Maybe a little less than $2000 after taxes.

Is a veterinary technician a girls job?

No. It is a person's job. Some male vet techs are excellent, some female techs are horrible. What dangles between your legs makes no difference in how well you do a job: it's whats between your ears and how you use that that matters.

If you are a vet do you have to do everything?

Only if you want to. Most D.V.M.'s hire vet techs or veterinary assistants to assist with the day to day chores of a vet clinic. An associates or equivilant degree in this field can usually be obtained from any number of 2 or 4 year colleges, trade schools or "vo-techs".

What are the people called who work at the vets?

vet techs work with the vet like nurses work with doctors. vet assistants clean up and take care of the animals.

What is the job duties of a vet tech?

Job duties as a vet tech depend on what type of setting you're working in. Most vet techs do basic things like patient restrain, owner education, vaccinations, blood/urine/fecal sample analysis, and surgical assistance. Vet techs never diagnose anything or perform major invasive surgeries.

When do you use math as a vet?

Daily. Veterinarians use math to calculate dosages of medicines, proper feeding amounts, determining how much to bill clients, etc.

What do you think would happen if vet and vet techs didnt have any measuring instruments?

a lot more animals would die at the vets office

How old does one have to be to be a vet tech?

Most vet techs are at least 18 years of age. Some are much older though!

What are the wages for SPCA?

at my spca i earned minimum wage. managers and vet-techs earned more.

What does a resume look like for a vet?

It's important to understand that a veterinary assistant is not the same as veterinary technician. In general, vet techs are people who have received formal training, certification and licensing resume vet.

What are some ways that a vet technician uses math?

Veterinary technicians use math to calculate drug dosages and fluid rates on a daily basis.

Job Duties of a Vet Tech?

Vet techs perform many different duties within a veterinary office. Because the nature of the job involves interacting with live animals, vet techs must possess enough physical strength to restrain animals of all sizes during procedures. Candidates for this job must also be punctual people, as they sometimes perform kennel duties before the veterinarian arrives at the office. They also must be willing to take on-call duties, as some animal doctors will need help during off-hour emergencies. For this reason, vet techs also need some reliable form of transportation. Veterinarians rely on their technicians to perform such duties as placing clients and their pets in examination rooms, weighing the animals and recording notes in a chart. Vet techs also sweep and clean off counters once the client has gone. They may have to bleach a table if the client who came in had a pet with a communicable disease. Because they come into contact with germs and fluids, vet techs frequently wear gloves and masks. Vet techs often prepare injections such as rabies vaccinations and help hold off animal veins when the doctors draw blood. They may also help process the blood in machines. Vet techs help prepare for animal surgeries by restraining animals while they are put under anesthesia. They at times participate in the surgeries by handing veterinarians needed tools and then sterilizing the tools afterwards. Other duties vet techs perform include accurately refilling prescriptions for clients. They may be given access to potentially addictive drugs and candidates must be responsible individuals whom the doctors can trust with this access. Vet techs sometimes give animals a bath and pedicure and clean up any immediate messes if the kennel worker is not available. They also help with the task of putting animals to sleep. During the process of putting an animal down, vet techs must have a sympathetic and caring attitude toward the animal’s owner, as the experience is often emotionally difficult for them to endure. Techs may also be asked to dispose of the pet’s body once the procedure is done. The annual salary for a vet tech is $25,000, with experienced techs making as much as $40,000.

What is the Job outlook for vet technicians?

The job outlook for vet technicians is positive. This industry is growing as more and more people adopt animals into their family. Large animal hospitals hire multiple vet techs.

How much do veterinary technicians earn in Ohio?

Vet techs make about 22- 30,000 dollars per year

What is the average pay for vet techs?

Well depending on where you live it can be anywhere from $14.00-$20.00 an hour. Hope this helps!

How does a vet use math?

That depends on whether he retired, or what kind of employment he went into, after his military service.

How does a vet uses math on the work they do?

They use mostly arithmetic in calculating dose of medications and rates of IV fluids.

Do you need to be a licensed veterinarian to own your own vet clinic?

You do not have to be a licensed veterinarian to own a vet clinic, but you do have to be a licensed veterinarian to legally treat animals that are brought to the clinic. Vet-techs may work under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

What schools are there for vet techs?

There are lots of websites out there for vet degrees that you can obtain online. Previous experience is always a plus, so it helps if you were a vet tech previously. Check out the following link: