How do volcanoes affect people and the environment?

  • More particles in the air block sunlight and energy making the area around the eruption cooler.
  • Thermal property gives rise to more hot springs and attracts tourists.

Mount Pinatubo was a major eruption several years ago. The eruption caused some of the lowest temperatures of the past several years. The ash and debris caused problems for aviation and local residents.

An eruption recently in Iceland caused major problems for those in Europe trying to fly. The airspace became very dangerous due to debris floating in the air from this volcano.

Mount St. Helen's took human life from those living on the mountain that refused to move.

Environmental impacts of different volcanoes vary, but almost always include cooling (either localized or globally), increased pollution (ash and dust) and can caused mud slides, lava flows and other dangerous localized problems.
Puts ash and smoke into the sky which makes the sky go black ffor days.

Destroys crops and harbors.

Destroys villages.

Drops down ash and lava all over people.

It destroyed homes, businesses which supply people with jobs . If the employers factories , shops and workhouses burnt down, almost everyone wouldn't have a job so their families wouldn't have money which means no food. Also it destroyed habitats for wildlife and wildlife its self, but it also creates new life for humans and animals.