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Volcanoes do not form from kids. The only volcanoes formed by kids are science projects or projects done for fun.

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What are different types of volcanoes?

the three different types of volcanoes are shield volcanoes,composite volcanoes and last but not least Calder volcanoes i have 19 kids an d counting love all ya in USA

What do underwater volcanoes form?

Underwater volcanoes form islands.

How do volcanoes form and how do volcanoes get their magma?

Volcanoes form after thousands of years, and get their magma from inside the Earth.

How do volcanoes form in the ring of fire?

Volcanoes can form from other other volcanoes in the ring of fire

Where does the volcanoes form?

volcanoes form underwater and come to the surface when they erupt

Where do volcanoes form for kids?

volcanoes USUALLY form at the edges of tectonic plates. One moves underneath the other. The Earth then heats the rock, causing it to melt and form magma, lave and hot gases, which are stored in chambers near the surface (ready to errupt)

When volcanoes form is it convergent or divergent?

Volcanoes can form at aboth convergent and divergent boundaries, but most volcanoes on land form at convergent boundaries.

Where do volcanoes mostly form?

Volcanoes usually form where tectonic plates meet.

What volcanoes form at divergent boundaries?

Generally shield volcanoes form at divergent boundaries.

Where do most of Earth's volcanoes form?

Volcanoes form across the boundaries of Earth's plates.

What kind of volcanoes form mountains?

shield volcanoes

What volcanoes form at spreading zones?

composite volcanoes

Where do large number of volcanoes form?

Volcanoes Form at Active Subduction Zones or in the ring of fire

What type of volcanoes form on a hot spot?

shield volcanoes

Are volcanoes mountains?

Not all volcanoes are mountains though most do form mountains. Some volcanoes form as simple fissures in the ground. There is a so-called supervolcano in Yellowstone that, does not take the form of a mountain. Kimberlite volcanoes also erupt too violently to form mountains.

What kind of plates cause volcanoes?

Plates do not cause volcanoes. Volcanoes generally form at the boundaries between plates. They form at convergent and divergent boundaries.

How does volcanoes and earth form?

they form differntly

Active volcanoes are most likely to form at?

Volcanoes are most likely to form at the edges of the tectonic plates.

Where are shield volcanoes form?

The shield volcanoes form when lava is very hot and has little gas and silica.

Do volcanoes only form on land?

No, they can form underwater as well. There are plenty of islands that started out as submerged volcanoes.

What boundary do most volcanoes form?

volcanoes form along a mid-ocean ridge and at a diverging plate boundary many of the volcanoes are around the pacific plate

What type of rocks are formed in volcanoes?

Volcanoes form igneous rock.

Are there volcanoes on the sun?

No. The sun does not have a solid surface on which volcanoes might form.

What kind of volcanoes form along subduction zones?

Composite Volcanoes

Can volcanoes form anywhere on earth?

yes they can be volcanoes anywhere in the world

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