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Figs are pollinated by wasps - not bees, so other crops may be, too.

ANSWER:Wasps patrol the garden and remove any caterpillars that do harm to the crops. They sting the caterpillars to paralyze them, then cache them in their nests to feed their young as they emerge from their eggs. (This was probably the inspiration behind the movie Alien).

Parasitoid ("parasitic") wasps are among the most important beneficial garden insects in organic garden pest control. They control insect pests at low population densities, beforethey get out of hand.

Most are tiny, gnat-sized insects that lay their eggs in aphids or the eggs of garden insect pests. If you see puffed-up, brown aphid "mummies" on the leaves of your vegetables, they contain a parasitoid wasp larva that will grow and emerge in a few days to attack more aphids. Each female lays eggs in up to 100 insect pests.

Parasitoids patrol the undersides of leaves and flowers, attracted by chemicals given off by insect eggs or feeding insects. Larger parasitoids attack the nymphs of cucumber beetles and squash bugs, as well as caterpillar pests.

Parasitoid wasps are the first insects to die when you use pesticides in the garden. Even the inert carrier oils in pesticides are lethal to these tiny but powerful garden allies, so if you want to attract them to your garden, avoid chemicals.

Adult parasitoid wasps feed on nectar. Abundant, tiny flowers are the key to attracting and sustaining populations of these beneficial garden allies. Alyssum, achillea (yarrow), and flowering herbs like thyme, oregano, dill, fennel, and cilantro that has been allowed to bolt, are all good choices for attracting beneficial insects to organic gardens.

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Q: How do wasps assist farmers?
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What is a wasps niche?

The wasp's ecological niche is to assist with pollination. The wasp feeds on the flower's nectar and they also kill insects that are pests.

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No. Wasps are simply wasps.

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Red wasps are wasps that are red and they will sting you in the balls.

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Yes, owls do eat wasps, but wasps can sting you.

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Can wasps be male and female?

There are male wasps (drones) and female wasps (queen and workers).

Do rats eat wasps?

Rats are known to eat bees, but not wasps. Dragonflies and spiders are predators of the wasps. Wasps do not have very many predators.

What good does the wasp do?

Wasps should be regarded as beneficial insects. They eat many types of insect pests. Although they can sting, they will not do so unless provoked. Queen wasps can lay as many as 2,000 eggs a day and the wasp larvae are fed on caterpillars, spiders and aphids which the worker wasps collect for them. Worker wasps eat nectar a sugary secretion from the larvae and towards the end of the season there are fewer, if any, larvae and the wasps have to find an alternative food. This is where they turn to over-ripe fruit. The benefits that wasps provide to gardeners and farmers by killing pests far outweighs any nuisance they might cause.

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