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How do weasels protect themselves?

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The tear the attacker to shreds. (Picture a cat on crack. They are evil little monsters in the wild.) If raised for pets however they are quite nice, like a cat only smarter (oh, don't let my kitty know i said that. lol)

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Do weasels protect themselves?

This is an interesting question, friend. i will do my best to give an accurate answer below. Weasels use there poisonous tails to stab at any threats. People didn't actually realise weasels had poisonous tails until the late 2nd century.

How do buffaloes protect themselves?

They protect themselves by their horns

How do marmosets protect themselves?

how do pygmy marmosets protect themselves

How do octopus protect themselves?

They protect themselves by squirting ink.

Do hawks protect themselves with their wings?

How do hawks protect themselves

How do sea stars protect themselves?

how do sea stars protect themselves from predators how do sea stars protect themselves from predators

How do sloths protect temseleves?

they cannot protect themselves. they are unable to protect themselves due to their slowness.

How do there proctect themselves?

Citizens protect themselves with police departments. Nations protect themselves with a military.

How did the ancient Chinese protect themselves?

how did the ancient chineas protect themselves

How do snakes protect themselves from predators?

How the snakes protect themselves is their fangs.

How do scorpians protect themselves?

scorpians protect themselves by stinging them with their tails

How do stingrays protect themselves?

they use their sting tail to protect themselves

How do bush pigs protect themselves?

Mostly they protect themselves with their tusks.

Where do the armadillos go to protect themselves?

they go undergound to protect themselves

How ostrich's protect themselves?

the ostrich's protect themselves by biting the enemy

How do lionfish protect themselves with their dorsal spines?

how do lionfish protect themselves

How do eels protect themselves?

Eels protect themselves by electrocuting their predators

How do badgers protect themselves?

Badgers protect themselves mainly by burrowing to ground. However, the can also bite and scratch to protect themselves from danger.

How do adelie penguins protect themselves?

they protect themselves by climbing high rocks.

How do panda bears protect themselves?

pandas protect themselves by swiping their paws

How do barnacles protect themselves?

Barnacles protect themselves by sticking to something sturdy.

How do panthers protect themselves?

Panthers protect themselves by using their claws and teeth.

What do orchids do to protect themselves from being eaten?

dont think they can protect themselves

Are lepercons evil?

no, they protect themselves XD I have to laugh at that, but it is true they protect themselves.

How do ants and termites protect themselves are they live in colonies?

because they protect themselves.........

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