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Whale Sharks are Ovoviviparous meaning they have eggs with hatch inside of them with no placental connection between the mother and the pup , no one has ever witnessed the birth of a whale shark . Yet.

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How small is a whale shark when they are born?

At birth, whale sharks are quite small. The whale sharks give birth to live young which are 40 to 60 centimetres.

Do female whale sharks give birth to live pups?

Yes, tehy do.

Can a whale and a shark be classified as a fish?

A whale is not a fish, it is a mamal as it is gives birth to live young Sharks are fish as they give birth to egg sacks

How big are new born whale sharks?

A newborn whale shark, called a pup, can be as big as 2 feet when they are born. Whale sharks are born live and the mother whale shark can give birth to hundreds of pups at one time.

Does whale give birth?

yes, whale give birth

How do whale sharks nurse their eggs?

Actually sharks don't lay eggs. They are mammals so they give birth to live sharks. I hope this helps and please recommend me!

Does whale lay egg or give birth?

whale is a mammal so it does not lay egg but give birth.

How many sharks give live birth?

About 60% of sharks give live birth. Some species that do are Bull sharks and great white sharks.

What are whale sharks family?

In the whale sharks family there are other whale sharks and other sharks

Is a whale shark a bird or a whale?

Whale Sharks are sharks

Do Zebra Sharks give live birth?

No, Zebra Sharks do not give live birth. Instead, they lay eggs.

Why do some sharks give live birth?

because some sharks are different. most sharks give live birth and only about 40% of sharks lay eggs and there is 400 species of sharks.

Are whale sharks fish or mammal?

Whale sharks are sharks, which are fish.

Do bull sharks give live birth?

Bull sharks do give live birth and can have as many as 13 baby bulls.

Do great whites have eggs or give birth?

yes sharks do give birth

Do sharks give birth?

Yes, they do.

Why are whale shark called whale shark?

whale sharks are called whale sharks because of their size and their behavior because they aren't as aggressive as sharks.

Why are whale sharks endagngered?

Whale sharks are not endangered they are threated.

Can sharks give birth?

Some sharks do but most lay eggs.

How do whale sharks hear?

Whale sharks do not have ears for hearing. The whale sharks uses its senses to feel vibrations in the water.

Do basking sharks lay eggs or give live birth?

It gives birth to live baby sharks.

What are the differences between killer whales and sharks?

The killer whale is a mammal whereas the shark is a fish.the killer whale give birth to young alive while the shark lays eggs A Killer Whale has a blow hole, and is a mamal!:) To start with sharks are fish and whales are mammals sharks have gills whales have lungs. The shark has three scars and whales don't. Whales have black skin but sharks don't. Shoutout to omarion

Why are whale sharks considered to be sharks and not whale?

Because whale sharks are not mammals and all whales are mammals. They mainly call them whale sharks because of their large size and the fact that the filter-feed.

Do Sharks give birth or lay eggs?

sharks do not lay eggsShark species all lay eggs but some species retain their eggs inside them and give birth to live young when these eggs could be either. some sharks give birth and some lay eggs. it depends on what shark it is.Sharks give birth to live birthshark give birth to babiesthey give live birth unlike other cartiligious fishThey give birth live, by keeping their eggs in their bodies.

Are whale sharks warm or coldblooded?

Whale sharks - like the majority of sharks - are cold blooded.

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