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On the tv news, I have seen auctions on the front steps of a courthouse, but I am more familiar with foreclosed homes listed on the web. Years ago, I used to check the listings of foreclosed homes online. Some of the websites are free, and others costs $. I checked a search engine to come up with these. There are dozens of them:

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How do you give a foreclosed house back to the bank?

When the bank foreclosed on the house, they took it back. Now it's time to move out.

Can you file for bankruptcy on a foreclosed house?


Can you rent a house you were foreclosed on?

No, I can't

Can you buy a house for cash if your house is being foreclosed on?

Yes you can

What happens if your house is foreclosed?

You will have to vacate the premises.

How long do you have to move out of a home that has been foreclosed in the state of Texas?

How long do you have to move out of a house that has been foreclosed on in Texas

How can you buy a house after it has been foreclosed and not sold at auction?

You can contact the lender or lien holder who foreclosed on the property and make your offer to them.

If you pay the taxes on a house that has been foreclosed does that mean you own it?

No the bank owns the house.

How do you know when a house is legally foreclosed?

I;m new to this but I'd say when they changed the locks on the house...

How do you report a person stealing from a foreclosed house?

Dial 911 and report the crime.

Does a house go into foreclosure for lack of homeowner payments?

At the discretion of the lender, a house can be foreclosed after a period of missing payments.

Can you buy a house for cash if your present house is being foreclosed on?

I would think so. Though the bank should be using all means possible to get that cash from you to pay for your currently foreclosed house. Even if they don't, paying in full with cash for anything will always be accepted.

House in discharged bancruptcy not foreclosed yet moving out need to inform mortgage company?


Can a quit claim deed stop a your house from being foreclosed?

No. That may complicate the situation.

What are some of the tips for buying a foreclosure house?

There are multiple steps one should take when buying a foreclosed house. One should get pre-approved for a mortgage, compare sale prices of similar homes, find an agent that specializes in foreclosed homes, and inspect that house before purchasing.

Can a lender put a lien on your current house for the old house if the old house is foreclosed?

No. Not unless the lender sues you for the deficiency and wins a judgment in their favor.

What happens to the direct deposit of my payroll if my house is foreclosed?

Nothing happens. You still get the money in your account. They just want the house, not your money.

Why is it bad to buy a foreclosed house?

No,a foreclosure house is quite risky and you should not buy it . if you are looking to boy a house there are some Homes for sale in Montgomery, AL

If you have have had a house foreclosed on can you still rent an apartment in the state of Georgia?

Yes if thelandlord accepts you as a tenant

If your house is foreclosed on what happens if you get a personal lender and get a new house Can they put a lien on the new house?

Check the laws in your state, but NO, they cannot. Your old house secures the mortgage on THAT house. Nothing else.

Can my house be repossessed if my husband is madebankrupt but is not on the deeds?

Your husband's name is not on the deed, but is he on the loan? If yes, then it cannot be foreclosed and repossessed if the property is listed on his bankruptcy filing, and, as long as his bankruptcy payments are current. If he defaults on bankruptcy payments, then you can lose the property. If he is not on the loan, then your house can be foreclosed and repossessed.

Can you take your refrigerator from your home that was sold at foreclosure auction?

Yes you, can. When a house gets foreclosed, it is based on the house itself, not its personal furniture and items.

The new home owner changed locks on your foreclosed home is this legal?

Yes, it is their house now, not yours.

You filed for bankruptcy after your house foreclosed?

You already los your house, the BK doesn't effect the past. Now you'll lose most anything else.

How long can you live in a foreclosed home in Michigan?

Michigan allows a 6-month redemption period after the house goes to Sheriff's Sale, also known as foreclosure auction. The owner of the foreclosed house can continue to live in the house during that time. At the end of the six-month period, the bank expects the owner to move out and will serve an eviction notice if the owner is still in the house.