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You cannot "Delete" Google. Unless you are planning to nuke the Warehouse in which they store the Website.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-28 23:54:39
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Q: How do you Delete Google?
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Delete Google Chrome from your computer?

delete google chrome from my computer

How do you delete urls on Google Chrome?

You can delete URL's in Google Chrome by deleting history. Deleting history will delete them from the URL's.

How do you delete bookmarks on Google Chrome?

Rclick, Delete

How can you delete photos from Google images?

get into site and delete them

How do you delete circles on your Google account?

# click the circles on the top of the google+page #now delete the circle you want to delete. In the pop box, click on delete this circle link

How do I delete my Google account?

To delete a Google account: # Sign in to Google, and access the "My Account" page. # Choose "Edit" next to the "My products" list. # Select the service you would like to delete, and confirm.

How to delete images from Google drive cloud?

You can delete images from Google drive cloud using the Cloud Gallery manager which allows you to manage your contents and delete as well on the Google drive cloud.

Is there any possible way in the universe to delete a Google voice account without deleting anything else?

no if you delete something on Google you delete everything.

How do you permanently delete browsing history on Google Chrome?

by pressing delete

How do you dealete Google searches?

Delete google search in history>show all>select all> right click then delete.

How to get the normal Google back AND DELETE the new Google?

back to normal

How do you delete a picture in a Google images?

first u unpasre it google it

How do you delete the history on Google?

Go to "tools" and select "delete browsing history."

How do you delete Google suggestions on a mac?

you just let the highlight disappear then delete

Can you cancel a Google Plus?

Delete profile and remove associated social features - If you click this link, you will be taken to a web page where you will again get 2 options to delete your Google Plus Account. Delete Google+ Content - By selecting this option, you delete only your Google Plus account and other major integrated services like Buzz remain unaffected. Delete your Entire Google Profile - This option will lead you to deletion of Google Plus Profile, Buzz account and your Public Google Profile. Close account and delete all services and info associated with it - If you select this option when deleting Google Plus account then you are choosing to close your complete Google Account. All the services like Gmail, Google AdSense, Orkut, FeedBurner, Google Alerts, Google Docs, YouTube and others will also get deleted. So if you want to delete only your Google Plus account then select Delete Google+ Content option. If you selected any other option than you will loose other Google Service Accounts too.

How can I delete Google play Services on my phone?

No, you can't delete Google Play services from your phone. The play store is something that comes with the phone.

How do you delete your search history on Google?

To delete your Google search history, you will need to go into your Google settings. Once 8n settings, just click on the tab that says clear history.

How do you delete a placemark in Google Earth?

Click on the placemark in the menu on the left, then press delete.

How much does Google absence pay?


How do you get out of Facebook once and for all?

if you want to delete ur facebook go to google and search, delete my facebook, the click delete

How do you delete a website with Google Chrome?

You can delete a website from your history in Chrome. Just mark that item in history and click on delete.

How do you delete apps in Google play?

in Google play, you have to go to settings and hit applications, then click the app u wanna delete hit uninstall :)

Why does Google delete your account?

Google might delete your account due to various reasons. You might not have fulfilled the guidelines. There are various terms and conditions associated with account.

You want to cancel and delete Google from your computer?

U need 2 delete you computer cookies!!

How do you delete something on the Google desktop?

go to programs and then select something and click junk or delete