How do you Recover Lost Picture from Digital Camera Memory Card?

Have you ever tried to delete your camera memory card photos mistakenly and find there is no data copy left on other places? In fact, last Saturday, I did have experienced this problem and deleted many of my precious pictures of the last year. I was really depressed and regretful at first. But, I didn't give up and searched the similar problem on the internet. And fortunately found that there were ways for me to rescue lost pictures back, especially by using some card data recovery software.

So, I cheered up and followed the guidance to restore my lost pictures back step by step:
Step1. Add no more new on this memory card in case that anything new would rewrite the wanted camera pictures.
Step2. Attach this memory card to computer and also download reliable data recovery software to scan and fins all stuffs back.
Step3. Restore and save all camera card pictures on the computer drives in case of data recovery failure.
So, eventually, I saw my lost pictures again. Am I really lucky, right?
So, if you also have no any idea to get your lost data back, these searched stuffs may help you somehow: