How do you Sort alphabetically Other Bookmarks in Google Chrome?

Here's how to sort 'Other Bookmarks' alphabetically on Google Chrome:

(1) Place Other Bookmarks on Bookmark bar (2) Right click on Other Bookmarks and select Bookmark Manager (3) Select Other Bookmarks from the menu list found on the left of your screen (4) Under Title, click on desired bookmark name, then drag and drop to correct alphabet location.

On Windows Internet Explorer, you normally click on Favorites Centre then Right click on any bookmark and select 'Sort by Name'

Another way:

(1) Click "Bookmark or Other Bookmark" (whichever you prefer to alphabetize)

(2) Click "Bookmark Manager"

(3) Click "Bookmarks Bar" (on left top)

(4) Click "Organize" -----> "Reorder by title"

Now your bookmarks are alphabetized!!!