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You could go to the internet or at the bottom of the screen you can click the mail button.

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Q: How do you access emails on iPod touch?
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Can you check your emails on yahoo and go on webkinz on an iPod touch?

U can go on yahoo and check your emails but u can not go on webkinz on a ipod touch

Do you have to pay for online access on an iPod Touch?

No you do not have to pay to access the Internet on an iPod touch.

Is there email on iPod touch?

Yes, you can access your email on the iPod touch.

What do you do if you cannot access apps on the iPod Touch?

If you can't access apps on the iPod Touch, then you should try updating the software version of your iPod Touch to the latest version.

Is there an additional fee for internet access on the iPod Touch?

No. The only requirement for internet access with an iPod Touch is access to a Wi-Fi network.

How do you get two emails on ipod touch?

settings-mail-new account

Can you go on Gmail on an iPod touch?

Yes, you are able to access Gmail (and most any other email) from your iPod. If you don't want to get the gmail app, just click on the mail icon on the bottom of the screen. Then you just enter in your email and password, and you can receive and send emails from your iPod Touch.

What iPod product does not have Internet access?

ipod nano,ipod shuffle and classic ipod don't have internet access. Only ipod touch has internet access.

Can you access lyrics on your iPod touch?

You can get lyrics online with your iPod touch but only if you have Wifi.

Which IPod has 3g capability and is it expensive?

At this moment, the iPod does not have 3g capabilities. However, the iPod touch can access the internet without having 3g capabilities. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access the web through your iPod Touch.

Can you check emails on an ipod?

Only on the iPod Touch and iPhone. Where only the iPod Touch can use only Wi-Fi, the iPhone can use Wi-Fi and 3G Network.

What do you do if you cant access an iPod touch with the passcode on?

you can restore the whole ipod