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Liking or loving another person should be effortless. You shouldn't even have to ask this question if you truly felt positive about your girlfriend. It's obvious to me, an objective observer, that you're not. Think about what you're asking. Be honest with yourself about what it is you don't like about her because in your gut you seem to know she's not right for you. If she feels more like a sister than a love interest, then back away from the relationship and see if you miss her. The only way you'll stir up emotions (if they exist at all) is if you shake up the relationship.

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Q: How do you act more like your in a relationship with your girlfriend if it feels like your just friends?
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Should you stay friends with a guy who already has a girlfriend?

If you two are genuine friends & nothing more, yes. There should not be an issue. Just remember to be respectful of his relationship & his girlfriend.

What if you like someone that has a girlfriend?

_ wait patiently _ forget about him and go for someone else _ just stay friends with him _ don't break up the relationship between their relationship and let it go downhill on it's own because you don't wanna be the " other woman" and karma's not really nice. _ if what you feel is really strong, and if he's happy with his relationship, then you just have to let go, but if he feels the same, then i suggest you just stay friends I'm in the same position.

What does dudes mean by just being friends?

They mean that they do not want the relationship to extend to anything more than friends. They do not want to get into girlfriend and boyfriend.

What do you do when you are best friends with the girl you love but you don't want to be just friends?

Tell her how you feel. If she feels the same way, then you are in luck and can proceed with the usual going-out-relationship. If not, then you will always be friends anyway.

You are 11 you have got a girlfriend but you are not sure what to do with her?

Just act like friends for now. When your older you can have a more serious relationship. I agree with above answer - just be friends and enjoy each others company

What do you call a relationship where two people are together but are not boyfriend and girlfriend and more than friends not friends with benefits?

so ur kinda in da middle u kinda like them but not enuf to b in a relationship...i'd just call it a casual relationship

What should you do when your boyfriend wants to remain friends with his ex-girlfriend but you know it is just going to hurt your relationship?

Tell your boyfriend how you feel about it.

How do you get a guy to break up with their girlfriend?

Listen, if you guys are friends... just let the relationship play out and see what happens, don't be a Jerk!

What do you do when you have a girlfriend but you want to talk to other girls as friends?

You, can talk to other girls, just get your girlfriend's trust first and when she trusts you, she won't care. Just make sure your relationship with the other girls isn't as personal

What to do when your girlfriend wants to be friends with her ex?

Usually, when a girl just wants to be friends with someone, they just want to be friends. Girls never have ulterior motives behind their actions. And being in a relationship is trusting the other person, so you do nothing.

My girlfriend thinks i sometimes flirt with other girls that i dont think im flirting with shes not mad but she isnt happy I really like my girlfriend alot and i dont want to be mean to the my friends?

well you see, if your girlfriend feels this way and you really like her just lay off the other girls, if you dont really like her, let her go so she has a chance for a new relationship. its your choice.... I dont agree, im in the same situation as you except my girlfriend actually believes im gonna leave her for these other girls when they are just my friends because i find girls better to be friends with. So, you dont really want to loose either, you can introduce your girlfriend to your friends and she mome friends and trust them, or you can talk to her, exlain to her your not flirting and reassure her. unfortunatly some girls this will not workout and you will have to make the descion between your girlfriend, or your friends :/

How do you get along with a girlfriend if she loves to talk with her friends?

It's fine if she loves to talk to her friends. Just make sure you get some talk time in there to. Communication is the key to a sucessful relationship.