How do you act when he wants you back?

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Well, act hard to get at first. You don't want to ignore him too much though because then he'll think your over him:)

Teach him a lesson,make sure he learns that leaving you or doing you wrong was a bad choice that way you can sure he wont do it again.
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How do you get your ex back if you really want him back?

\n. \nAbout 2-3 weeks ago, my boyfriend of a year broke up with me. It's a long complex story but I'll spare you the details but in a nutshell: His mother was/is a control freak and is never satisfied with anything. She was making assumptions that weren't true which just led to controversy between ( Full Answer )

Is it possible that an abusive man would play a mind game and do anything to win you back then once he has you he acts like he is not sure if he wants to see you as he doesn't want to hurt you?

Answer \nAbusers are about control and you bet he's playing mind games with you. Abusers like to keep their victims under control at all times, so you obviously bent him out of shape by leaving (great going girl and I'm so proud of you as it couldn't have been easy!) \n\nOf course he wants to hur ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ex back if you really want her back?

im going through the same thing at the moment, im trying to get my ex boyfriend back as we were together 2 and a half years and he finished with me coz he said my mum was interfering, im only 16 and hes 19 but i love him so much and could never see myself with anyone else!! i don't know why you two ( Full Answer )

How can you put a stop to your ex running back to you and then becoming a disappearing act after he has said that he wants to be with you and what should you tell him the next time he wants to talk?

Answer . It appears there is no communication skills between the two of you and it may be because you are simply tired of his coming and going. You have become an "enabler" for his behavior. No matter what his problem is he should be able to talk to you about it and if you don't feel it's a goo ( Full Answer )

How can you act indifferent with your ex to make him want you back?

Usually a man doesn't respond to a woman who nags, begs, or is consistent. If you REALLY want to see improvement as hard as this may be.... treat them as if what they say or do doesn't matter to you. Acting mysterious will catch his attention. If you're predictable.......he won't find interest in yo ( Full Answer )

Why do you want him back?

Answer . It's human nature that often we want something we can't have. It also teaches us that we can't always have everything we want in life.. If you have been going together and there were problems then you have to decide if it was him or you that caused the problems for the split-up and go ( Full Answer )

How to act when a guy does not like you back?

Answer . \nFrom my own experience, I know for a fact that IT HURTS. But wait it out! Don't pressure yourself to "move on" or "get over it". Now, no one told me this when I was hurt, so I got over it forcefully. \n. \nTrust me, time will heal the pain. For now, talk to a trusted friend whenever y ( Full Answer )

How do you get her back after acting needy?

If you already pushed her there is not much you can do at this point - she hs obviously made up her mind and it is best you leave her alone now and move on.

Is Sasuke want to act cool?

I think sasuke acts cool to hide his feeling from naruto and sakura. Hey your maybe right That really makes sence

You break up with your boyfriend because he didn't take time for you but you find out after the breakup he had health reasons for acting like that...I want him back how do I fix it?

Well, go apologize! It depends on how badly you two broke up, but tell him you didn't know he had a health issue. Tell him that you want him back. Most people will understand. He really should have told you in the first place, especially if you voiced this concern before breaking up with him though ( Full Answer )

If we took a break and ended up breaking up he went out with someone else but is back with me hes unsure who really wants should i wait on him to get his act together?

That is really for you to decide however, he needs to take time and sort his feelings out where as you cannot put your life on hold for something that may never happen. Sometimes we have to learn from past relationships and move forward.. You can wait if you love him, and also it depends on how lon ( Full Answer )

Do zodiac sign. cancer guys act immature after a breakupand why also how do you know they still have feelings for you missing you or wanting you back at times?

yes, sometimes they act immature b'coz they just don't want to discuss it with anyone and anyone means anyone...and to know that whether do they still feel for or not...well first things...they do.. and will always do...but if you want to know it then just try to come around him whenever u get a cha ( Full Answer )

You want to pursue acting. How do you start?

Look online for managers, AGENTS, COACHES. if you get an agent or manager to sign you, they will send you on the calls all you have to do is wait and hear from them.

Why did isolationists want the Neutrality acts?

The 1939 the neutrality act was passed to limit America'sinvolvement in foreign conflicts and affairs. The isolationistswanted the Neutrality acts passed to limit the wars that the UnitedStates were becoming involved in.

What to do when your ex boyfriend and also childrens father of 6 yrs has a girlfriend that he lives with but still flirts and acts like he wants you back but seems confused about what he wants?

\nA CONFUSED MAN!!! Its the weirdest thing that can happen to any girl. Yes, I agree that people sometimes get confuse in life due to things that might simply be obligations but up till this man is confused and you think you can't give up then have patience and wait for the time when he can be sure ( Full Answer )

How do you get him to want you back?

TEASE HIM! Don't use anyone. That will hurt people bad. But pretend to crush on someone else and say "don't you think that guy is cute" then walk away. Also throw the odd wink at him every once in a while. Become close friends with his and be your self and try not to do anything weird. He will com ( Full Answer )

How do girls want boy to act?

Most girls want a boy who is nice,smelles nice,and treats them like they are a person.I know I would want my boyfriend to give me roses and chocolates on our annaversary.I would also want them to call me at lest once a day. Don`t ever forget to call when you say you will.Don`t back out on plans!Alwa ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you dump your boyfriend because he did drugs but you want him back because you still love him but he acts like he doesn't want you and you dont mean anything to him?

Is he still doing drugs? Because you know that you shouldn't date morons that do drugs! Anyway, you broke up with him so he's probably feeling rejected and embarrassed. I mean how would you feel if he broke up with you? Or he could just be over you and honestly not interested. All you need to do is ( Full Answer )

How do you tell your parents you want to act?

Hello, well, I know this is hard. I know people that have had to do this to, because me and all my friends and performing arts freaks. Your parents probably want you to own a business, or become a lawyer or accountant, but acting is amazing and opens up your life to so many outstanding opportunities ( Full Answer )

Why did Hitler want the enabling act?

Hitler wanted the Enabling Act so that he could pass laws without.having to go through the Reichstag for them to passed.

Who does Miley Cyrus want to act with?

in the year 2009 she was on a show with her dad bully ray and her bff Emily who plays lilly on Hannah they were talking Hannah Montana the movie and her dad asks who would u work with and she said John lenning (sorry spell it wrong) (: theres ur answer i love miley,Emily,Selena,and demi bye

Why does Victoria Justice want to act?

umm... she obviously wants to act because she loves acting and its her hobby, something she loves to do. she is also really good at it and I am her number 1 fan!

Why did he want you back?

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Who wanted the stamp act?

It was King George the third because he wanted to go get more money off the colonies.

How would a married man start to act around his ex mistress if he wanted her back besides calling her if he hasn't talk to her in months at work?

This is a bit tricky to give response to, why would you want to know how this married man will act in front of you if he wants you back. Why don't you tell him to go away. Knowing his married and hurt his wife and maybe has a kid, would you want this man that can not be trusted. If he done this to h ( Full Answer )

How do you get her to want you back?

Well, act like you dont care anymore when they break up with you. Start as friends when you meet her to make an impression.

Why does my ex act like your boyfriend but doesnt want my back?

if it was a dual decision, it's hard for him to let go, and automatic for him to treat you like you're still his girlfriend, and maybe - if he broke up with YOU - he may regret it but doesn't want to go back on his decisions. He feels he must have made that choice for a reason, and has already made ( Full Answer )

Why did Joey King want to act?

The only reason she wanted to act is because in kindergarden everyone called her a married kanagroo so she asked her mom i wanna be in an acting career so years later after that it didnt work she still gets teased because in beezus and ramona she got a long and strange part as ramona poor Joey

Did the colonist want the declaratory act?

yes and no, the majority of the colonists wanted to just fight a war so they could regain normal taxes and freedoms but still stay a part of Britain, but it wasn't working in Britain so the colonists eventually felt the need for Independence

Why do you want me back for?

A person may want you back because they love you and miss having your in their life. They may also need your help with something that they feel is very important.

Did Jennifer Ansiton want to act?

She did, her parents didn't want her too incase she got her heart broken but when she announced she wanted to they supported her all the way

How do you know if your ex is using you or act like he wants to get back with you?

If he doesn't want to get back with you and you didnt go through a bad break up, then he'll probably just treat you like a friend, but slightly awkwardly. If y'all went through a real bad break up, then he may just completely disregard you, but if he wants you back, he will do anything to get your a ( Full Answer )

Why can an elected government not act as it wants?

An elected government is held accountable for its actions because it is representing the people of the country. It's power is limited because of the accountability element.

You want a boyfriend but you want your ex back?

If you didn't have that great a relationship with your ex then it is better to move forward and start dating. It is possible that if you ex knows that you are dating he may fight to get you back; but fight he should to get you back so don't make it easy if he broke off with you. You may be surprised ( Full Answer )