How do you add a 160 GB hard drive to a Windows 98 computer?

There are three main complications with that.

1. The FDISK tool in Windows 98 cannot format above the 127 GB barrier (before LBA48). Using a third-party partitioning tool, or perhaps FDISk from Windows ME, will allow you to bypass this restriction, although 2. hast to be fixed before you can do this, and 3. has to be fixed before it is worthwhile.

2. Most BIOSs manufactured before 2002 do not support LBA48, so the usable hard drive size is limited to 127 GB. A BIOS upgrade may resolve this if the computer is close to 2002 in its manufacturing date. Alternatively, you can use a bootable IDE controller card to connect the drives and bypass the limitation.

3. Even with the BIOS taken care of, the generic IDE driver in Windows 98 will not allow you to reach beyond 127 GB. Installing a patched driver may help; I have linked to a shareware program below that provides this. if your motherboard has LBA48-capable drivers, use those instead.