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How do you add a new hard drive to a computer?

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It really depends if it is internal or external, with an external, you just plug it in via usb (if you're running XP), but if you have an older version of Windows, you might have to install drivers for a external. With an internal drive, you should just be able to open up tha computer, connect the IDE cables, then you should be ok. Go to the following site for help with an internal drive:

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How do you change a hard drive from one computer to another and they both have win xp?

It is best to wipe the hard drive before you remove it from the first computer and do a new install for the new computer. Then add your operation system.

Should I buy a new computer or a new hard drive?


Can installing a new hard drive in a computer cause a system failure?

Yes, if there is no operating system on the new drive, then your computer will not run.

How much is a new hard drive for a computer?

it depends on what kind of hard drive I bought a Wesern Digital 2.0 TB hard drive for $120.00

Where can I get a hard drive to buy?

A new hard drive can be found at computer stores, or directly from the manufacturer. The hard drive can be found on the Internet with a simple search.

On a computer which are new programs that are typically installed?

hard drive

What can I use old computer parts for?

Often recycling centers will pay you for various computer parts such as power supplies, motherboards and hard drives. If the hard drive is still functional, you could also add it to your new computer and have additional storage.

How do you create a local disk?

A local disk is any hard drive or disk partition on the computer in question. So in order to "create" one, you need to either add a new hard drive, or partition the existing one.

How do you add a hard drive to your computer?

It depends on what computer model you have. Some motherboards won't let you add a drive internally. Some cases aren't large enough or have an empty bay for a 2nd drive. The easiest, fastest, most failsafe way to do it is to get an external USB hard drive. Just plug it into your USB port and you're ready to go. It will show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer with a new drive letter (probably "D"), unless you already have partitions on your existing drive.

How do you take your hard drive from your laptop to a new laptop?

throw your computer at the wall (Very hard), Then your hard drive will just magically fall out. Then, you get your new computer, throw that at the wall also, the your old hardrive will fallout and insert the one you took from the computer. now you have a new harddrive in your new computer! Except you will have a giant crack on your screen....

When you buy a new Windows XP computer in what unit is the size of a typical hard drive measured?

When you buy a new Windows XP computer, in what unit is the size of a typical hard drive measured?

Can you play The Sims 3 on Windows 2000 SP4 with an Intel Pentium III 256 MB of RAM and a 24 GB hard drive?

no you cant play it on that hard drive but there are solutoins 1) Is to get a new computer 2) Get a new hard drive 3) Get a lot of add ons number one would cheaper as you would have to refdo the whole computer for optoin two and three

What may happen to the hard drive as you install new programs?

When you add software or programs to your computer, it will have less free space available than previously. Your hard drive has a fixed capacity, and you should always leave some free space available. As you add data, you should defragment the drive from time to time.

What process is used to replicate a hard drive to a new computer?


What makes one PC appear to have a new hard drive that is really hard drive space on another host computer?

network drive map

How do you initiate a new hard drive in Linux Ubuntu 9.10 so that it is recognised in Computer?

You do not need to "initiate" a hard drive. If the hard drive is installed correctly, Ubuntu will detect it.

How do you add another hard drive in your computer?

To add another hard drive, Look at the jumper pins on the back of the new hard drive you wish to use as the secondary hard drive. Move the Jumper on those pins from MASTER to SLAVE to make the drive a slave drive and work under the primary hard drive. Now, open the computer after you have unplugged it and install the secondary hard drive, and make sure to hook it up to the IDE cable that is already hooked up to the primary hard drive, and hook it up only to the middle connector. The end connector of the IDE cable should already be in the primary hard drive so don't unplug it, just connect the middle connector of the cable that's already plugged into the primary drive to the secondary drive. Now, connect the power plug to the newly installed hard drive, plug in computer, and boot up. It should work just fine, and you'll gain more memory with that other hard drive!

How can you increase your hard drive?

You can't "increase" an hard drive. You can buy a new one. The best for you would be to talk with someone that has some experience with computers, because putting a new hard drive in a computer is not that hard but you can easily break something

How do you unlock dell inspiron 9300 hard drive?

# Turn the computer over, and remove the hard drive screws. # Slide the hard drive out of the computer. # Remove the new drive from its packaging. # Use firm and even pressure to slide the drive into place. If you use excessive force, you may damage the connector. # Slide the hard drive into the bay until it is fully seated. # Replace and tighten the screws. # If the new hard drive is not already pre-imaged, install the operating system and drivers for your computer

When i plug in my hardrive an icon doesn't show in my computer Why?

There are only three reasons that I know of. The first is: the hard-drive has to much memory for the computer to handle. The second is: The hard-drive and/or your computer in infected with a virus. The third is: The hard-drive is fairly new, while the computer is fairly old. I hope these helped!

How can dismantle be used in a sentence?

"I will dismantle this computer to install new RAM and a new hard drive."

Can you format your hard drive and install all your old programs and files from your old computer to your new hard drive?

Of course, copy all your programs and files you need from the old hard drive and put it on your new hard drive BEFORE formatting the old hard drive. Formatting your hard drive will mean losing everything and a slim chance of getting it all back.

How do you get data off hard drive onto new computer with the former computer being Windows 98 and the New is Windows 7?

you can connect both computer through networking.. you can use pen drive..

Which area of the computer is impervious to computer viruses?

Computer viruses only affect the memory of your computer. Say you get a virus and your computer will not let you open programs. You would need to get a new hard drive or wipe all data from the hard drive, and then reinstall programs.

If my computer breaks and I get new computer can I get my songs into the new computer?

Yes, but let a technician check your Hard disk drive if it still works. Depending on how damage your computer is. If it wont work, just download it again. Tiresome but cautious effective way. No one can tell, maybe your old HDD will blow up your new one. Generally, you can transfer your songs from the hard drive in the old computer to the one in the new one, unless of course the hard drive is what was wrong with the old one. If the old computer is not working, you can remove the hard drive and hook it up in the new machine. I have yet to see a hard drive damage other components in a PC, and I've moved lots of hard drives between machines. It is not to say that is impossible, I've just never seen it.