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How do you add brake fluid on forklift?


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Locate the brake fluid reservoir, and pour brake fluid in until it's at the appropriate level.


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DOT3 regular brake fluid. Find it in any auto parts store.

Good question. At the brake fluid resovoir

You open the hood, find the brake fluid reservoir, take the cap off and add DOT 3 brake fluid up to the full level.

You can add brake fluid inside the brake fluid reservoir. The reservoir is located on the driver's side under the micro-filter panel.

To add brake fluid to a 2006 Jetta, you will have to take the cap off the brake fluid reservoir. Fill to the appropriate level with DOT 3 brake fluid and screw the cap back on.

The cavalier will have a brake fluid reservoir on the drivers side firewall. The reservoir has a screw on cap to allow access to add fluid.

How do I check the brake fluid in a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado

It does not make a difference if the car is hot or cold when you add brake fluid.

The red brake light indicates that the parking brake is on or that the brake fluid is low. Be sure to add the specified brake fluid if you add fluid. Also make sure that you don't allow any dirt to get into the brake fluid and don't overfill the brake fluid either.

Time to add dome brake fluid.

It uses brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. The clutch fluid (brake fluid) is fed by the brake fluid reservoir. The clutch fluid reservoir is just beneath the brake fluid reservoir. So, add fluid to the brake fluid reservoir to fill the clutch fluid, also.

This depends on what type of vehicle that you have. But in most vehicles you would add the brake fluid to the master cylinder. This can be located on the firewall of your vehicle. Do not confuse a clutch master cylinder with the brake.Make sure you add the fluid to the brake cylinder.

you add the brake fluid to the master cylinder under the hood on the drivers side on the firewall.

To add brake fluid in a 1990 Mazda Protege, you need to locate the brake fluid reservoir and check the levels. The reservoir is located on the master cylinder for the brakes.

check the brake fluid reservoir and add fluid if necessary.

where do I add brake fluid to my Honda accord 92

It is important to keep brake fluid in a car. Brake fluid is added to a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country, under the hood into the reservoir labeled 'brake fluid'.

The brake fluid is contained in a translucent reservoir with a black cap on the driver's side firewall. To add brake fluid, remove the cap and fill to the appropriate level on the dipstick indicator.

The master cylinder contains the reservoir for the brake fluid. This is where you would add it on an 1990 Cutlass Supreme.

You add the fluid in there the resivar in the engine bay! it is the bigger of the two round ones on the top right the big one is brake fluid the smaller one is tranny fluid! and if you are bleeding brakes make sure you have plenty of brake fluid.

open the cap on the brake mastercylinder reservoir and fill it to the top with Dot 3 brake fluid.

Remove the fill cap and add it at the brake fluid master cylinder reservoir. Located on or near the master cylinder.

At the master cylinder, driver's side, under hood, next to firewall. If you have to add fluid then you have a leak or your brake pads are worn.

Before you add brake fluid, are you SURE you need to add some? Because as brake pads wear, the brake fluid level goes down, but the brake pads need to be replaced then, BEFORE any brake fluid is added. Otherwise, when the brake pads ARE replaced, there will be too much brake fluid in the reservoir, and it will flow out when the pistons are pushed back into it's bore, to make room for the new pads. -Tom.

To refill the brake fluid for a 1992 Acura, you need to remove the cap on the brake fluid reservoir. Add fluid until the dipstick measures full, or the line on the reservoir that says 'full' is touched by the brake fluid.

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