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Umm, you pour it into the radiator. You know, the place that you drained it from.....

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Q: How do you add the antifreeze after its been drained?
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Can you add antifreeze to your radiator which has been running on water only?

yes you can?

Why was the Everglades drained?

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How do you add antifreeze to a 95 grand am?

you open the plastic bottle and pour in the antifreeze

If you recognized you added antifreeze to your engine and drained it before you ran the car would the engine be okay after refilling it with oil?

Yes, if you drained it out before starting it should be ok.

Where do you add the antifreeze in your car?

in overflow jug

Where do you add the antifreeze Lincoln LS?

You can add it to the coolant reservoir. It's located in the top left corner of your engine. Make sure your car is cool before you add in the antifreeze.

How much radiator fluid should be put in a 2002 Kia Sportage?

The total cooling system capacity of a 2002 Kia Sportage is 8.0 quarts. If you've drained the system and it's empty, you'd add a gallon of antifreeze and a gallon of water (to make it a 50/50 mixture). Or if you're using premixed 50/50 antifreeze, you'd need to add two gallons.

When adding Prestone antifreeze to a Chevy Cavalier 1999 do you need to add water also?

Yes. Never add pure antifreeze. Pure antifreeze will actually freeze before a 50/50 mix. Add coolant that is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. You can buy it already pre-mixed.

Do you add antifreeze to an above ground pool?


How much antifreeze in a 2001 blazer 6cyl once drained to replace t-stat?

About a Gal. and a 1/2 of coolant.

Does drained rhyme with contain?

No, you have to lose the "ed" from "drained" or add it to "contain," unless you are going for more of a free verse effect.

Where do I add antifreeze on a Ford Ranger?

you can add antifreeze in 2 places. If engine is cold,open radiator cap and poor directly in.Also there is a antifreeze reservor thatr you can poor it in if it is empty. Remember just add fluid until it comes up to the cold line on resv.

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