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After not eating meat for a while, meat will seem like a shock to the system. It's best to ease back into eating meat, starting with turkey and chicken, and eventually (slowly) eating red meat again. Some side effects are stomach aches, and stinky gas.


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No a diet consisting of turkey on the menu is not considered vegetarian as Turkey is a meat and was considered living. Vegetarians do not eat meat thus making turke unacceptable.

Vegetarian diet is believed to be the healthiest.

A no cholesterol diet can be vegetarian, but it does not have to be. You can eliminate most fats and then you will be close to being on a cholesterol diet. Most poultry and fish do not have the 'bad' fat.

Being a vegetarian does not cause you to miss periods, although diet will impact on menstruation. If you're vegetarian you have to make sure you've got a healthy diet to make up for what you lose i skipping meat from your diet, otherwise you can lose menstruation.

Some bebeficial benefits to a vegetarian diet are that you increase the fiber in your diet. Some other benefits could include a healthier life style.

there is really nothing wrong with being vegetarian. By cutting out meat from your diet you cut out a lot of protien, so the only way being a vegetarian can be "bad" is if you do not supplement those lost protein with something else. To maintain a healthy vegetarian diet, follow the food pyramid.

i am a vegetarian and have been since i was 11 and there is nothing wrong with being vegetarian. overall you have a much healthier diet. albet Einstein was a vegetarian. being vegetarian can help to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and many more health issues.

Vegetarians do not eat meat or other slaughterhouse products.

All the nutrients that you need can be found in a lacto-vegetarian diet. This means a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products.

A vegetarian who includes eggs in his/her diet.

vegetarian tablets are a tablet a vegetarian takes when on a diet. i think

A vegetarian diet is one in which a person does not eat meat.

Vegetarian eggs are laid by chickens that have been fed a pure vegetarian diet. Unfortunately some chickens are fed other chickens to supplement their feed.

There are many websites available that have recipes for vegetarian low gi diet foods. Amazon also sells a books, one being called The New Glucose Revolution Low GI Vegetarian Cookbooks.

Being a vegetarian can help improve your diet and weight. Most vegetarians consume fewer calories from fat, and take in more fiber than the average American.

When you decide to go vegetarian/vegan you have to eat more of other things. Being anemic, blood loss, makes you loose hair. So look over your diet. If you have a good vegetarian/vegan diet that is not the cause for hair loss.

In my opinion, it is a good idea to follow a vegetarian diet permanently! (I'm a vegetarian, of course)

Fish are animals, so by definition are not vegetarian food. Vegetarian food comes solely from plant matter, fungi, or other non-animals sources. There are many people who essentially eat a vegetarian diet that is supplemented with fish or other seafood.

You can find some good vegetarian diet recipes by going to any of the following websites or or cookbooks

A boars diet consists of: Their vegetarian diet is acorns, beech-nuts, chestnuts, potatoes, corn and other cereals. Their non-vegetarian diet is dead animals, insect larvae, earthworms, small rodents, lizards and ground-nesting birds.

Being a vegetarian is fine as long as you maintain a balanced diet. Usually the most problematic part is making sure you eat enough protein.

There was one notable person who chose a vegetarian diet in the Holy Bible, but being a vegetarian is a life choice, not a religious choice.

Some well known diet plans are the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the vegetarian diet, the protein diet, and other such diets.

If the person is aware of nutrition and ensuring that they are getting adequate amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, protein, and so on, then being vegetarian can be a healthy diet at any age.

Most Brahmins follow a vegetarian diet.

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