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use this format (but with the actual address!): Mr Joe Smith 14, High Street, Anytown, Wiltshire UK SA2 1XL First comes the name, then the number of the house and the road (or the name of the house and the road), then the town, then the county, then 'UK' and finally what the British call the Postal Code (or PostCode) - equivalent to a zip code in the US. This is usually 2 letters (from the nearest city) followed by one or two numbers, a space, and then one number followed by 2 letters.

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Q: How do you address a letter to someone in the UK?
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What does the UK in wrt610n-UK mean?

That looks a bit like a post-code. For example NE99 1BB Someone sending a letter to the United Kingdom would put UK on the envelope to signify it's meant for an address in the British Isles.

What address do you need to send her a letter?

To send someone a letter you need the name and home (or work) address of the person to whom the letter is written.

Do you capitalize a street address?

Yes, you do. If you wrote to the UK Prime Minister, you would address the letter to 10, Downing Street.

What is the verb for address?

Depending on the context, address is already a verb. For example, "to address something or someone" or "to address a letter" is an action and therefore a verb.

What is the address for the Epson uk?

"Espon UK offers their address as Epson (UK) Ltd

How long for airmail letter from us to UK?

August 2012 normal air mail letter posted in Houston TX took 8 working days to reach UK address

How do you address a letter from the UK to the us?

Write the address in the normal way and then write USA under it. Don't forget the state and the ZIP code.

How do you address a letter for someone with a Ph.D?

Depends It could be Dr (Doctor) Or Professor

How do you address a letter to someone with a CBE?

lavanya mnchss arasur (post)cbe

What address is Indesit Ltd sales in UK?

What is Indesit Ltd UK address

Is it okay if you put a capital letter in an email address?

no if you put a capital letter in an e mail address it will be wrong and you'll send your message too someone else.

Someone with UK passport?

Someone with UK passport

What is the address for National saving and investment bank in the england?

The UK National Savings Bank is based in Scotland. Just address your letter to NS&I Glasgow and your letter will get there. If you need more information, check their web site.

How wil you start a letter about someone you want to get in UK?

ia'm writing a letter a about my career. is learn more about math,computer and English

How can you write a letter to someone in juvenile detention?

Simply address it to that person 'in care of' the facility in which they are detained.

How much does it cost to send a letter from mainland UK to Belfast?

Exactly the same as any other address within the UK. First Class - £0.60 Second Class - £0.50

What is a return address on a letter?

The return address on a letter is the address of the person sending the letter. It is important for the recipient of the letter to know from whom and where the letter originated and to have an address to respond, if necessary.

What information do you write on a letter to someone?

Name , street address and name, city ,state and Zip code.

Can we use dear word for man or boy?

When addressing someone in a letter, you may address anyone as Dear .

How can you get hold of of someone in jail?

Call the jail and ask what the visiting hours are, and the procedure for visiting an inmate, or write the inmate a letter address care of the jail's address.

Which part of the letter identifies the address of the person receiving the letter?

Letter address

Which part of a letter the address of the person receiving the letter?

Inside/Letter address

What part of a letter inentifies the address of the person receiving the letter?

The part of a letter that contains the name and address or the address of the recipient is called the inside address.

How old apart do you have to be to marry someone in the UK?

You have to be 18 to legally marry someone in the UK.

What is UK postcode?

It is the UK version of a zip code and identifies an address