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call a service technician with meter and live to tell about it......................

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Q: How do you adjust Gas pressure valve?
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How do you adjust a watter pressure valve?

You turn it clockwise to reduce and a /c to increase

How do adjust hydraulic pressure on a 1085 Massey tractor?

If your pressure relief valve is adjustable, you increase the pressure relief setting.

Can you adjust the line pressure on a 47re trans behind a Cummins?

Yes, line pressure is adjustable. The adjustment is on the valve body.Yes, line pressure is adjustable. The adjustment is on the valve body.

What is the minimum water pressure a house is allowed?

You could adjust your PRV(Pressure reducing Valve)to 25 PSI

How do you convert a furnace to propane or natural gas?

Change out the gas flow orifice size to propane and adjust the gas valve.

What is the difference between a pressure regulator valve and a pressure reducing valve?

A regulator can adjust the pressure setting and a reducing valve is much more restrictive in its settings think of an Oxygen gauge compared to a hydronic boiler feeder

How does pressure regulating valve works?

A pressure regulator is a valve that works in a way that at a certain pressure it automatically stops the flow of a liquid or gas .

How do you adjust a water pressure reducing valve?

By reading and following manufacturers directions of course

How do you adjust a water pressure valve to increase water pressure?

There is a bolt/screw that you turn on the top or bottom of the valve. If the pressure has decreased recently there may be issues that need to be addressed other then just increasing pressure...

How do you check if reducing valve works?

The easiest way is to install two pressure gauges (If reducing pressure) either side of the reducing valve, you will then have indication of upstream pressure and down stream pressure, of which you can adjust to suit you process.

Is it true that pressure reduces valve?

There are pressure regulator valves that exist. The purpose of these pressure regulator valves is to cut off the flow of a liquid or gas when the pressure within the valve reaches a certain level.

What is the difference between thermopile and thermocouple?

A thermopile generates electricity from the heat of a pilot light. It generates about 750 mV that turns on the main gas valve to the fireplace.A thermocouple is heated by the pilot light but it uses pressure to hold the pilot light gas supply valve open. When the thermocouple is heated, pressure increases holding open the main gas valve. If it cools down, the pressure goes down and closes the gas valve.

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