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A thermopile generates electricity from the heat of a pilot light. It generates about 750 mV that turns on the main gas valve to the fireplace.

A thermocouple is heated by the pilot light but it uses pressure to hold the pilot light gas supply valve open. When the thermocouple is heated, pressure increases holding open the main gas valve. If it cools down, the pressure goes down and closes the gas valve.

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Q: Why have both a thermopile and thermocouple?
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Is thermocouple voltage used for battery charging?

No, as the voltage of a single thermocouple is very low , you need a thermopile (thermocouples connected together) and a circuit to get a readable voltage at the other end.

How millivolt switch works?

I am assuming that you mean switching a millivolt gas value. The switch applies a voltage to the gas valve thus allowing gas to flow. The voltage is provided by a thermopile. This device transforms the heat from the pilot into a voltage that can be used to control the valve. This system does not require an external voltage source. It does require the pilot to continuously operate. A thermopile consists of a number of thermocouples that are wired in series. This allows an increase in the voltage that would be provided by a single thermocouple.

What is the use of thermopile?

A thermopile is used to measure temperature by generating a voltage proportional to the temperature difference between its two junctions. It is commonly used in devices like infrared thermometers, gas boilers, and flame sensors. Thermopiles are known for their sensitivity and ability to detect small temperature changes.

Is thermocouple output linear?

The output of the thermocouple is linear.

How does a gas hot water heater generate electricity?


What instrument makes a continuous automatic temperature record?


Is thermocouple used in fridges?

Yes, thermocouple is used in fridges !

Which materials could you use to create a thermocouple?

To create a thermocouple one needs thermocouple wire, a means of spot welding the wire, and wire strippers. A thermocouple is used to measure temperature.

How do you install a thermocouple for a gas water heater?

Most thermocouples are held in place at the pilot light by pushing them into a clip that grabs it on both sides. The control end is held in place by a nut that the shaft of the thermocouple goes through.

What is the purpose of the thermocouple?

The thermocouple keeps a gas pilot light burning.

Is a thermocouple an active or passive transducer-why?

is a thermocouple an active or passive transducer?-why?

What type of colour are use to paint thermocouple?

You should not paint a thermocouple.