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How do you adjust the idle on a 96 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 Liter?


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The idle speed is computer controlled and is not adjustable.


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you have to replace the t.p.s (throttle positioning sensor ) that's how i fixed the idle on my Plymouth breeze

Idle speed is controled by the computer, therefore non adjustable.

It is not adjustable. If the idle speed is not correct, then you have a sensor/actuator/computer issue.

The idle speed is computer controlled and is not adjustable. If the speed is incorrect, there is a malfunction with the idle speed motor, a sensor, or wiring.

The idle is control by the idle air control motor from outputs from the Engine Control Module.

Idle is computer controlled and is not adjustable. If the idle is incorrect, you have a computer, sensor, wiring problem.

If it has EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) there is no idle speed adjustment. The idle speed is adjusted electronically.

Not adjustable, idle is computer controlled with an IAC stepper motor.

it is not adjustable, it is controlled by the computer.

This is controlled by the PCM, there is no adjustment other than cleaning the throttle body and the idle air port inside it.

It is not adjustable, the computer controlls it through an electric idle speed motor on the intake.

Adjust idle on Mitsubishi diamante

Idle speed is automaticaly controlled by the computer. If idle speed is not correct, the car has a vacuum leak or a sensor problem.

you can adjust it via the idle control valve.

you cant adjust your idle, it is computer controlled

You do not adjust the Idle Air Control as it is controlled by the computor.

You don't, It is totally controlled by the PCM using the IAC valve.

You dont adjust the Idle disconnect the battery for 10 mins and reconnect and the computer should relearn it idle .

adjust the idle screw on the drivers side of the throttle body turn it to the right to lower you idle turn to the left to raise it

you can't adjust idle on the new stuff it's done through a series of electronics..the maff sensor handles the air fuel mixture the throttle position sensor controls the also have an idle air control valve that operates with this I'm almost puzzled why you would ask that?is there a skip or lope??

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