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How do you adjust the idle on a 95 Chevy Blazer 43 liter V6?


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it is not adjustable, it is controlled by the computer.


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the idle is controlled by the computer should be about 700 rpm's

You don't, it is done by the ECM (Engine Control Module).

The idle is control by the idle air control motor from outputs from the Engine Control Module.

Where is the idle speed motor located at on a 1995 chevy blazer?

if your having trouble with your idle clean or check your idle air selonoid located on the side of your throttle body, or you may need a tune up. You don't. It is computer controlled.

The idle speed is computer controlled and is not adjustable.

The idle speed on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity is controlled by the engine computer, there is no way provided to adjust it.

You don't. You must have a check engine light on. Have the codes read from the ecm, they will tell you what is wrong.

You don't, it's controlled electronically. You probably have other issues like a vacuum leak somewhere.

Idle is computer controlled and is not adjustable. If the idle is incorrect, you have a computer, sensor, wiring problem.

If it has EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) there is no idle speed adjustment. The idle speed is adjusted electronically.

Not adjustable, idle is computer controlled with an IAC stepper motor.

there is a screw on the carb right where the throttle cable hooks to it that you use to adjust the idle.

Actually, it should be don e with a vacuum gauge, to maximum vaccuum. Without one, adjust the idle mixture to max., idle.

You can not adjust the idle screw, it is sealed off at the factory. If you are having a high idle problem check for a vacuum leak or a bad idle air control valve. These will commonly cause a high idle.

You don't. The ECM (Engine Control Module) maintains the correct idle speed. If the idle is out of control you probably have a vacuum leak.

It is a 5.3 liter 1995 chevy suburban

the idle is set by the comp so u need some sort of programmer

The IAC (Idle Air Control) is located in the base of the throttle body.

You don't. The ECM controls the idle speed. If you are having idle problems, you may have a vacuum leak and you probably have a "check engine" light illuminated also.

You can adjust the idle from the throttle body. Replacing the throttle body might have accidentally change the idle speed. The idle speed adjustment screw can be turned either way to raise or lower the idle.

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