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How do you adjust the ignition timing on a 1989 Ford Aerostar?


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2015-07-15 21:37:30
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This depends on whether the engine is equipped with a distributor or with EDIS (Electronic Distributorless Ignition System). If EDIS, there is essentially no adjustment. If distributor, you remove the engine cover inside the vehicle and loosen/turn the distributor like any other. Get an aftermarket manual such as Chilton or Haynes for detail of procedure.


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They are on the harmonic balancer but are they on the drivers side or on the passenger side?

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If it is a distributorless ignition system, you don't. The timing is all handled by the ecm. It picks up the signal from a crank sensor in the block. It has a reluctor wheel cast in the crank.

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Ignition timing is set on a 1989 Acura Integra by setting the distributor to the appropriate angle. When set at the factory recommended angle the car will turn over with no problems.

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