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It probably is lined up, but can be very difficult. What you have to do is this:

1. Pull it forward as far as you can.

2. Reach up to the roof at the highest point and pull down, while

3. Pushing forward by the latch.

4. Get one side in but don't lock it in, then repeat steps 1-2 on the other side.

5. Once both latches are in, then lock them.

6. Believe me, this may seem hard, but it needs to be a tight fit. There are some Allen screws that can be loosened to adjust the locks, but think hard before you try... No good deed ever goes unpunished! :)

2011-09-12 23:06:47
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Q: How do you adjust the top of a 95 LeBaron conv to move it forward so the latch pins line up with the holes in the windshield?
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the easy way to adjust the sprayers is to use a pin or a needle. look at each sprayer you will see one or two small holes. put the pin in one hole and gently move up or downor side-to-side. the easy way to adjust the sprayers is to use a pin or a needle. look at each sprayer you will see one or two small holes. put the pin in one hole and gently move up or downor side-to-side.

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Are there any do it yourself auto glass repair kits available on the market for small holes in a windshield?

Yes, most auto shops should carry it. The kit contains a syringe, a suction cup, and a small plastic disc to cover the scratch. These will only really help on smaller holes or cracks, so make sure you read the packaging before buying it. Yes, you can repair small windshield holes or dings with a kit from an auto parts store or discount store like Target or Wal-Mart.

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How do you unlatch both latches on a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron convertible top?

The web page doesn't say when your question was posted, so I hope you've either figured it out already, or it hasn't been too long without being able to put your top down. The latches have two flat metal levers laying against the top, just above the windshield -- just pull them out so they point toward the rear of the vehicle and the hooks will be released from the windshield, and the top can be lowered. More difficult can be getting it latched again when putting the top back up -- on mine, anyway, especially if I've left the top down for a long time, I have to wrestle it a bit to get the alignment pins close enough to the holes so the latch can lock it in (the plastic liners of the holes are getting pretty mangled, but it still works fine). Jeff in Minnesota

How to Replace 1989 gmc front speakers?

Use a dull flat head screwdriver and carefully pry the side closest to you up (farthest away from windshield)enough to see the metal clips going down into the dash, position the screwdriver as close as possible to these metal clips to avoid breaking the plastic that holds these clips on. once you have the metal clips clear then slide the cover away from the windshield, you will see the two slide in clips that hold the front in. To put the covers back on slide the two front clips (closest to windshield) into the holes, then line up the metal clips with their holes and snap them into place gently. To remove the speakers use a stubby Phillips head screwdriver to take out the four screws that hold the speaker down, be sure not to place them on the dash since they will fall into the windshield defroster holes very easily. After the screws are out just pry out the speaker. Installation is the reverse of removal.

How do you How do you change the left rear power window motor assembly on a 91 LeBaron?

Both of my motors were bad on my 91. I took it to a dealer and was told it was a life time warranty and they repaired both for free. They then drilled holes for drainage to correct the problem that caused it.

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Why is the passenger floor of a 2000 Chevy Blazer soaked after it rains?

b CAUSE U HAVE A LEAK There could be a body plug that has came loose or fallen out completely. Get up under ypur vehcile and check for any holes. if there is one missing. replace it. I had this happen in another vehicle right after the windshield was replaced. The windshield wasn't sealed properly. After a heavy rain, I had about an inch of water on the floor board. After I took it back and had them reseal the windshield, the problem was gone.

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I have a small crack in my front window of my car. Can someone do window repair or do I need to replace the entire window?

Genrally repairs are just for holes like when a rock first hits. sometimes small cracks can be fixed. You will probably have to replace it. If the crack in your windshield is small enough you may be able to fix it yourself. There are windshield repair kits that inject a resin material into the crack, if it's too large for that it can be repaired by a professional without having to replace the entire windshield.

Why is your driver side floor getting wet their is no holes on the floor dont know were the water is coming from?

When you experience water on the mat of your car and there are no holes in the floor, very often the water is coming for a leaky windshield or door. After drying the driver's side with paper towels and a squeegy, the leak from a windshield can be confirmed by spraying water from a garden hose onto the windshield and seeing if the water reappears in the floor mat. If no water appears then you will need to check the rubber seals around the door. Two other possible sources - 1. floor vents of the heating and cooling system, or 2. a skylight when the rubber seal has dried out, however you should see moisture in the ceiling liner.