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How do you administer thiamine injections?

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Thiamine is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, and is widely accessible from many foods, including seeds, whole wheat flour, and some meats. Thiamine supplements are only necessary if you have a deficiency, which is determined only by a medical doctor. The supplement is injected into veins or muscles.

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Can pharmacists administer injections in CT?

They were unable to in the past but currently are able to administer certain injections, I believe they are limited to vaccinations.

Are medical assistants allowed to administer injections according to DPH and JCAHO?


How many injections are given to administer the vaccines?

It depends on which vaccine you are receiving.

How many injections of lidocaine can be given to the patient?

The number or injections that can safely be given is dependant on the patient's weight and the amount of Lidocaine you plan to administer.

Can thiamine cause side effects?

In very unusual circumstances, large doses of thiamine may cause rashes, itching, or swelling. These reactions are more common with intravenous injections than oral supplements.

For thin or small framed individuals what injection site should be used to administer nerve agent antidote and anticonvulsant auto-injections?

upper outer buttocks

What are some of the duties of a vet tech?

Administer injections, assist in surgeries, run in clinic lab test. Perform examinations.

What injection site should be used to administer nerve agent antidote and anticonvulsant auto injections?

Upper Outer thigh.

Does wheat have thiamine?

Wheat has thiamine in it

If you are exposed to nerve agent how many CANA auto injections should you administer to yourself or to a casualty before seeking medical guidance?


Where are common sites for IM injections for a cat?

IM or intra-muscular injections are often given at the lower back or the rear of the hind leg. IMs are not a common way to administer medication to a cat and are more often used on dogs.

Can a personal care assistant legally give you insulin?

If you mean "administer" then yes. But only a licensed professional can prescribe the medication. Any family member can administer insulin actually. Most insulin injections are subcutaneous and administered by the patient.

Which airway-managment technique minimizes the movement of the head neck?

how many CANA (anti-convulsant) auto-injections should you administer to yourself or to a casualty

Is thiamine organic or inorganic?

thiamine is an organic molecule and it is a vitamin

Who gives vaccinations?

Anyone can give their own injections if they know how. If not your vet will have to do it. With the exception of the rabies vaccine. In some states it is illegal for anyone but a vet to administer the rabies vaccine.

How does thiamine work to keep the brain?

without thiamine you get a brain disease

What is the benefit of using cyanide rather than thiamine as a catalyst in the synthesis of benzoin from benzaldehyde?

Cyanide is poisonous, thiamine is not. Thiamine is a "greener" catalyst.

Which nitrogen base replaces thiamine in RNA?

Uracil replaces thiamine in RNA.

What are the demographics of thiamine deficiencies?

Thiamine deficiencies have no sex or racial predilection. Thiamine deficiency is more common in developing countries where poor nutrition occurs frequently.

What is the first treatment for thiamine deficiency?

When a patient has serious symptoms of thiamine deficiency, supplementation is usually started by giving thiamine through an IV or by intramuscular shots.

How is supplemental thiamine taken?

Thiamine is available in oral, intramuscular injectable, and intravenous formulations. Injectable formulas are usually preserved for persons who are severely thiamine deficient.

Dose for thiamine for goats?

It depends on the concentration of thiamine per mL - it should be written on the label.

What happens if you don't have enough thiamine?

Lack of Thiamine can lead to a disease called Beriberi. Beriberi is a disease that can affect your ability to walk, stand, and major muscles. It is very hard to get this disease, because Thiamine can be found in every day meals. If you ate a burger and fries, you would have enough Thiamine, just barely. This is, because Thiamine is added to all flower.

Thiamine what is its function?

Thiamine is needed for energy Metabolism, and proper function of the nervous system. -Jeremy G.

What is thiamine mononitrate made from?

Thiamine ..Vitamin B1 is combined with either corn or soy (used as a binder)