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it uses one by excell and access, this is because it holds more information and is easy to access

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Q: How do you analyze the use of a database in Tesco?
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How technoloy ifluance Tesco?

Tesco use spell checkers

What companies use a database?

Look up the definition of a database. Everyone uses one. Hospitals use one to keep information about the patients Schools use one to keep informaiton about the students Shops like Sainsbury's , tesco, asda, waitrose......... use a database to keep record of customers transaction luton library to keep record of books taken out i hope this helps. ignore the top one.

Why would you use database?

why would you use database?

Why would McDonald's use database?

McDonald's use database for...

How do tesco acheieve their aims and objectives by the use of functional areas?

tesco has many aims and objectives

What is the difference between a personal database system and a enterprise class database system?

A personal database system allows users to store their own files and interact with other applications. An enterprise class database system allows enterprises to analyze their own data.

Use analyze in sentence?

i will analyze the cubes so that there in order

Does Tesco accept euros?

If the Tesco store is in a country that uses the Euro, then it will accept euros. In a country that does not use the Euro, then Tesco stores won't accept them.

What is a huge database that stores and manages the data required to analyze historical and current transactions?

a data warehouse

Why would you use a database?

you would use a database? You would use it to store data

When is a database not a database?

When it is not in use for any reason.

Enter on the database or in the database?

We would use in rather than on. Data is stored in a database, not on a database. Data is entered into a database not onto a database.

How do you use analyze in a sentence?

The coach tried to analyze the opposition's gameplan.

What shampoo does Beyonce use?

tesco value!?

How does tesco use databases?

Cause there awsome

What is the database management system?

Database is a collection of related data while database management system is a software which is use to access the database.A database is an accumulation of data, for storage and future use. The database management system would be the software you use to..this is too easy...manage the database. In other words, to search, sort, filter, and retrieve the data, or parts of it, from the database.

Why do you use queries in a database?

To retrieve information from the database.

How do you use analyze in a sentence using geography terms?

Can you analyze the geographic coordinates?

How do you apply for a tesco loan?

You can apply for a tesco loan on line this is the quickest and you get an instant approval or denial or on the phone. Tesco loan can be anything personal loan and for whatever you want to use it for.

Is the Tesco Extra the biggest Tesco in Northern Ireland?

Tesco Extra is the largest of the Tesco format in any country. Largest to smallest are : Tesco Extra Tesco (Superstore) Tesco Metro Tesco Homeplus Tesco Express

What is tesco extra?

Tesco is a chain of supermarket stores in the UK and Europe. Tesco is one of the largest supermaket chains in the UK and has expanded rapidly in the last ten years. Tesco extra is the name Tesco use for their largest stores. Tesco Extra stores often carry everything Tesco sells, including clothing, CD & DVD, and consumer electronics. Tesco Extra stores are usually open 24 hours a day.

How does tesco use e-marketing?

They don't that's a stupid queston if you don't no the answer you must not no any thing about tesco :)

What is active database and cloud database?

The database we use in our daily life is called as active database . The data that is stored in the database which is further stored on the cloud is called cloud database.

What methods of advertising does Tesco use?


Can you use your tesco discount card at frankies and bennys?