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For Print Applications

  • If you are currently employed, you would only list the start date.
    • i. e. "12/12/2012- " or "12/12/2012 to Current"
    • if you're unsure of the dates, just the month and year would be fine (but you should start to keep track of employment dates going forward. LinkedIn is a great place to save this info for future reference.)
  • If you are not currently employed, but you have had a previous job, list your first day and your last day.
    • i. e. "12/12/2010-1/1/2013" or "December 2010 to January 2013"
    • again, month/year only is okay
  • If you have never had a real job, it's preferable to include dates of volunteer work or little jobs you've had (paper route, mowing neighbor's yard, etc.). Otherwise, write "n/a" or "None."

For Electronic Applications

  • Follow the formatting instructions on the electronic application form
  • If you are unsure of exact dates and it requires you enter a specific date, enter the first day of the month in question and be sure to tell the interviewer/screener that the dates were estimated. Employers in the US will usually notify you before doing background checks and checking references, and it's important to be honest and speak up at that time as well, even if you've already notified someone. Sometimes that part of the process isn't even completed until after you've started working.

Other Tips

  • Keep a list of names, addresses, emails and phone numbers for personal and professional references (people that will say good things about you that don't share your last name), and, when you put them down as a reference, give them a call and let them know that you used them as a reference and ask that they notify you after being contacted by the employer.
  • Always be honest
  • Proofread your application twice before submitting it. If possible, have someone else proofread it for you as well.
  • Make sure you have an appropriate email address. It may be a good idea to have a separate email that you use exclusively for work anyway... but having an email address like assblaster666@gmail is a great way to exclude yourself from consideration.
  • Make a resume and include it with your application.
  • Be prepared for rejection. No one gets an interview for every application, but being courteous, thanking them for their time, and asking to be notified of new openings can go a long way.

Best of luck!

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Q: How do you answer 'What is the start date and end date of your most recent or current position' on a job application?
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