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How do you answer 'Why did you choose this career' in a job interview?


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June 29, 2009 1:50PM

Why did you choose this career? i chose this career as it is service industry and i have a passion to serve people, i have a desire to work in service industry and very honestly and simply because this is my dream to work in Airlines Industry. Your answer should seem positive and sincere. If you are really excited about getting a job in that field, tell the interviewer why you are. (If you are not really excited about the field still tell the interviewer about times you've used skills related to the field and succeeded and how those skills will help the company.)Be specific. Integrate these things into your answer: How you decided on your major and field and why you enjoy it. What specific skills you have that make you a success. What you can DO for your prospective employer. You might phrase it like this example and insert your own words: During College I volunteered in classrooms helping the students learn to read. I am a very patient and enthusiastic person and the students seemed to enjoy the lessons. I created my own lessons for the students, based on "How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Days." I am a very organized person by nature so of course I had my lessons carefully organized. The teacher noticed an improvement in the reading scores of the students I tutored. I believe that I could benefit Root Brawn School by creating an organized and happy classroom where the students will learn and improve their test scores."