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I can be so focused on smaller tasks that I miss seeing the big picture.

I can be so focused on the big picture that I have trouble working through smaller tasks.

I can be shy with people and they might think I am avoiding them.

I can be very outgoing, which some people could find annoying.

Note: Every weakness has a flip side-- a strength. So pick a good strength and a milder weakness to go with it.

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What are some criticism question you ask on a job interview?

What is your biggest weakness

How do you answer 'what is your greatest weakness' in a job interview?

Do not admit to anything that would be damaging to your chances for getting the job. Personally I would say that my greatest weakness is that I cannot resist pizza.

What is a weakness interview question?

What is your one job related weakness that no one would guess about you. What personal or job weaknesses do you try to hide.

How do you answer 'What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses' in a job interview -?

Greatest weakness is that you are young and still learning. Greatest strength is that you are willing to do so.

Frequently ask question during job interview?

A job interview is one of the tools employers use to decide which of the candidates are the best suited for a position in their enterprise. Among the most common question their questionnaires can contain are: 'What are your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?', 'Why do you want this job?', 'What are the goals you want to meet for your future?', 'Why should I hire you?' and the classic: 'Tell me about yourself'.

What would be an answer to the question what is some weakness asked on a job interview?

i like to sleep alot

Sales interview questions?

These are some questions that might be asked at an interview for a sales position. Tell me about yourself. Why do you want to work in sales? Why did you leave your last job? What is your greatest weakness.

Describe your greatest success?

In a job interview this question can only be answered by you. That is why the question is asked. Before going to an interview consider the questions you may be asked, such as this one, and prepare an answer.

How do you answer the question 'what is your greatest weakness' in a job interview tagalog?

as an undergrad i sue to leave assignment until the last minute.but with the work load of graduate school,i learned to school my time very effectively.

How do you answer what is your biggest weakness during job interview?

In this climate? "Workaholic."

What are Ur Strengths and Weakness?

To be on the safer side, for your job interview preparations -this article attached provides examples on how to answer the question "what are your weaknesses and strengths?".

How do you answer 'What are your greatest weaknesses?

On a job application, it is best to be truthful about one's weaknesses if asked. In the interview, talk about the weakness, but also be ready to explain how it will be possible to overcome it.

How do you answer question about program assistant in a job interview?

If you are asked a question revolving around program assistant status in a job interview, then you should answer it much the same as you would answer any normal question in a job interview: honestly.

How do you answer the question 'what is your greatest weakness' in a job interview?

This is probably the most dreaded question of a job interview, but it's a legitimate question.This is a test by a potential future employer. Don't answer with a trite response like "I'm a perfectionist," or something equally meaningless. Give a thoughtful answer. The trick is to follow it up with something you are doing to improve the "weakness." For example, if you know you are not a great speaker before a group, you might say that you get nervous when presenting before an audience, but became a member of Toastmasters to improve your skills and overcome the weakness.The interviewer is looking for:How you approach a difficult questionWhether or not you recognize your weaknesses (we all have them)What you're doing about itWhether your individual strengths and weaknesses (they're usually related) make you the right candidate for this job

How do you answer the interview question What motivates you to have this job?

Talk about why you want the job.

I am applying for an environmental scientist job What would be a possible response to the What is you greatest weakness question?

give anything related to Accounting cause that will not turn you down

Best answer in an interview if asked What is your strength and weakness?

In a job interview, discuss your strengths in relation to the skills needed for the job. Your weaknesses should reflect skills unrelated to the job. Know the skills for the job you are applying for and prepare for this ahead of time.

How would you answer 'What would you say your weakness are' in a job interview?

you weakness is that you are scared to tell your weaknesses but you think its okto ask everybody else's

How do i reply to what are your greatest weakness in a interview?

This is one of the types of question that you may get at an interview; they are intended to get you to talk about yourself in a fairly informal manner. The questions are usually about some aspect of your own life so it is not possible for anyone else to answer them for you. You should think carefully, before attending the interview, about such questions as this so as to be prepared when asked. There are several such questions and there is a great deal of information on the internet and elsewhere about techniques to employ when attending interviews. The most important thing is to answer this question honestly. If you lie at an interview you may end up in a job that doesn't suit you, or not getting the job if the interviewer realises you're lying

Job interview question for Records Officers?


How would you answer a question from an interview what do you think you can bring this job?


Help for question for interview for cocktail waitress in casino?

how to answer for job interview for cocktail waitress in casino?

What is one step interview?

its an interview that you go to that only has one question and your hired or dont get the job

How do you answer the question 'What qualities do you think will be required for the job' in a job interview?


What do you evaluate success in job?

Best answer to the interview question "How do you evaluate success?job success.

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