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Say "I'm sorry for _____", and be specific, and do it in person.


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If you feel bad about it you can apologise.

If he/she is a best friend, you shouldn't have to be concerned about how to apologize. Just be sincere and direct. JUst apologise and don't dwell on it - put it behind you.

Apologise to your friend for whatever you did and say you want to be friends again.

just make it up with her. if she sees you making the move, she might apologise as well

You approach your friend and try to know the reason for your break up. If you think that you've made misunderstood him or her then apologise. But, don't leave your friend!

I had to apologise for my behaviour.

Why, what have you done? If you've commited the wrong, then you should. However, if your friend has commited the wrong and is too stubborn and graceless to apologise, they are obviously not as clever or mature as you. You should then be mature and try to negotiate and make peace with them, and they will respect you and you will be friends again. If all fails, you should not consider them your friend anymore and give them the cold shoulder.

"Apologise" is the verb form.

Apologise has four syllables.

Apologise for whatever it OS you may have done.

text them (though that's looked down on) ring them apologise tell your friend to do it the list is endless.

Apologised is the past participle of apologise.

Why would she think she is your friend. You lead her on. So be straight with her. Tell her you are not friends and apologise for giving her the wrong impression

Assuming that a limerack is the best you can do for limerick, the answer is 5. If you DID mean limerack, I apologise.

Faamalie or Faatoese. "You apologise" - "Fa'atoese oe". Fa'atoese is "apologise"; oe is "you".

Go up to them and apologise for what you did or what happened

Dog's best friend is a man Fire fighter's best friend is the water A dog's best friend is a dog.

BFFL- Best Friend For Life BFF- Best Friend Forever BF- Best Friend

just think there's nothing worse than not having a friend to cry on or tell your secrets or have so much fun with. that's why if you fall out just think about all those special times you've had and call them over to apologise because there's nothing worse than not having a Friend, but if they're the ones that are wrong tell them and if there nice enough to apologise they will. I hope this has answered it :)

Never Apologise Never Explain was created in 2004-06.

Then obviously he/she is not your best friend. You should be real with your "best friend."

a male best friend = חבר טוב a female best friend = חברה טובה

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