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How do you ask a guy to a dance?


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March 01, 2011 2:08PM

A really cute way to ask a guy is to say, "There is this dance (date, time and place) and the only way I can go is if you ask me?" :)

First, make sure you guys are friends and you are comfortable talking to him.

Second, wait until there is a school dance.

Third, ask him if he is thinking about going.

Fourth, ask him if he asked anybody yet.

Fifth, if he says he hasn't, then ask him if he wants to go with you

If he says yes, you're in. If he says no, start at step one with another guy.


When you are comfortable and alone, ask him if he's found anyone special yet to go with. If he says no, then say "Me neither. We should meet there." (Or even go together?)