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How do you ask a person out?


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April 21, 2011 10:37PM

From your question I am going to assume you have just starting dating and this may be your first date. I have a suggestion for you that make this easier for you. Instead of asking this person out the first time put together a group date of your friends for a movie and pizza. Make sure that he/she can come and invite him/her. This way you can have a "predate" without all the pressure of a one on one date. You will get to know him/her better and be able to spend time with them. After this call him/her up and tell her/him that you have lucked out and gotten tickets to some event or concert. Would she/he like to go with you ? I can just about bet you that they will say "yes" and all the strangeness would be gone because of your pizza and movie with friends.