How do you ask out a 12 year old boy?


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If you like him ask his friend about him and what he likes in a girl

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you be friends with him/her and don't ruin the friendship

you can, but it would be weird.

Get the boy alone and ask him tell your friend your mum wants to know his mums number or something

Ask him if he is busy. Then ask if he would like to hang out. Even if it is just at school.

If he likes you he will probably ask you out without anyone needing to 'make' him.

just simply ask her if she would ever give you a chance for you to be her boyfriend and go on from there

Ask the parent you feel most comfortable with if they will let you wear girls underwear if you're a 12 year old boy.

ask him what he wants and get him that unless what he asked for is crazy

well its not easy I'm 12 year old girl and i like a 13 year old boy but i don't know if he likes me so i asked him and he said yes so just ask him

Only on the head. A 12-year-old boy kissing a 12-year-old girl on the lips is nasty.

You wait a couple years and see if he still likes her then after she has matured completely.

"Would you like to go to the movies with me on Saturday?"

yup he has boy like he 12 year old yup he has boy like he 12 year old

As you are so young yourself, it would be better to ask out a girl your age or wait until you are older to ask the older girl out.

just say ''do u wanna hangout with me ?'' and 12 from 13 just 1yr just fine :)

Yes. As soon as the boy turns 18 you will need parental consent, but a 12 year old girl is allowed to be in a relationship with a 17 year old boy.

Buy a Lego set and then ask him to help you build it. Works every time.

A normal 12 year old boy is probably around 5ft. and up. :)

A 12 year old boy should not concentrate on ways of getting a 12 year old girl but on how he will improve in his studies.

practice in the mirrow or ask your friends about her and if she likes you anhd go from there

You talk to him, tell him why you like him, hopefully he will talk nicely back to you, and he might like you.

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