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Quel âge a votre animal de compagnie - How old is your pet.

Quel est l'âge de votre chien - How old is your dog.

Quel est l'âge de votre chat - How old is your cat.

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Q: How do you ask the age of someones pet in french?
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How old are mice when you buy them from the pet shop?

It depends. They could be any age. Ask the pet shop.

How do you steal someones pet on wizard101?

you can't

What age can pets first be spayed or neutered?

That depends on the pet. Ask the vet.

How do you steel someones pet on moshi monsters?

Asking other monster owners for their password is against the rules of Moshi Monsters. You should never ask anyone for, or share, passwords.

What are some games that you could be someones pet?

dog-and-owner, or home

How do you catch someones pet in godswar?

You can catch some one elses pet in godswar but you can get tools and capture them in the wild.

How do you say i have a pet cat in french?

the way you say "i have a pet cat" in French is "J'ai un chat"

How do you say fart in French?

The word for "fart" in French is "un pet".

If you get a robo dwarf hamster from a pet store how do you figure out the age?

The easiest way is to ask the vendor. Hamsters from pet stores are usually 4- 8 weeks of age. When I got my hamster I guessed she was 4 weeks because the pet store just put them in, so they were likely to be only 4 weeks old.

What age do you have to be on pet pet park?


How do you get a virtual pet on bebo?

Go onto someones bebo who already has one and click add app.

What is 'your favorite pet' when translated from English to French?

"Your favorite pet" in English is votre animal domestique préféré in French.