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How do you ask your friend out?

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If its a friend i would suggest being there person for her/him and showing that you can be an ideal bf/gf, then try asking the person out on a friendly sort of date and it should grow from there

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Can your friend ask Zac Efron out?

Your friend can ask anyone out as long as both people are single.

What kind of friend you are?

if you have to ask not much of a friend if you have to ask not much of a friend

What do you do when your best friend get angry at you and you don't know why?

you can ask your friend whats bothering her or you can ask another friend to ask your friend whats bothering your friend

Does Cole have a girl friend?

How about you ask him or get a friend to ask him?

What do you mean ask a friend?

To literally ask a friend.

How do you ask out someone for a friend?

Say my friend wants me to ask you out for him/her

How do you know if your girl friend is a lesbien?

ask her or tell a friend to ask her

What should you do if your friend is mad at you for no reason?

Try to ask them why or get a friend to ask them for you

Ask a friend why hate a other friend?

Yes, you can ask a friend why they hate another one of your friends.

How do you prompt a guy you think likes you to tell you he likes you?

If you have a friend who is a friend of him, ask the friend to ask him if he likes you.

How do you know if a guy who likes you will ask you out or not?

Ask him. If you don't have the courage to ask him, ask his best friend. If you cannot do that, have your best friend ask for you. Or just ask him out yourself.

If you and your friend like the same person and they say no to your friend is it awkward if you ask them out?

Talk to your friend first and ask! Don't charge and in and ask them out, talk about it first. Tell your friend how you feel about this person.

How do you get a friend to ask out a girl for you?

Ask a friend you trust if they will do you that favor. Though, it looks a lot better if you ask her out yourself.

20 questions to ask a friend?

20 questions to ask a friend will vary depending on the information that you will want to know. A friend may not answer all of the questions that you ask.

Do you ask talking to a friend or talking with a friend?

talking with a friend

How do you get a guy to ask you out in sixth Grade?

You tell a friend that you know can't keep a secret or a friend who you told to get the word out. Then ask a friend to ask him if he knows and if he likes you. If he says yes to both, ask him out!

How do you go about trying to ask a girl out if you're not sure if she's single?

if u have a friend that is also her friend ask that friend to ask her. you can also ask urself or ask someone else. you can even write an anonymous note.

How do you play dragonfable with the swf loader?


What do you do to get a 5th grade boy to ask you to be his girlfriend?

You get your friend to tell his friend to tell him to ask you out.

How can you make a friend?

Hang out with them. Ask them to be your friend.

You like your friends sisters friend what do you do?

You can tell your friend about it, and ask for advice from your friend. See what your friend thinks about the situation, and if she is happy about it, see what your friend's sister think about it, and then, if she is happy, well, you can ask your friend's sister to ask her friend what she\he thinks about you ;)

Can you ask a friend to ask a guy out for use?

Just ask him out yourself. It shows confidence. Guys like confidence. If you send a friend to ask him out for you it shows that you feel insecure and don't have the nerve to go talk to him. Or he may get confused on who's asking him out you or your friend, If you do send a friend to go ask him out for you make sure that you can trust that friend.

Should you ask tour friend if your other friend likes you or not?

first of all what is a tour friend and if you ask the tour friend and he or she is immature they will probably tell people so i would ask the person that is your BFF

How can I ask my brother's best friend to the school dance?

all you have to do is ask your brother if it would be ok to ask out his best friend.

How do you ask a boy out if your best friend likes him to?

ask you friend if its o k to ask him out . if she says no and you realy like him do it secretly